The Centre on Philanthropy is a membership organisation that provides programmes and services designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Bermuda Third Sector, that is, charities, nonprofits, donors and volunteers.

About The Centre on Philanthropy

In 1991, a group of dedicated volunteers, led by Cummings Zuill, evaluated the state of philanthropy in Bermuda and looked for ways to grow and improve the charitable sector. 

The Board and Staff of the Centre on Philanthropy have worked very hard to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of Bermuda’s Third Sector. We exist to serve and strengthen the boards, volunteers and services of the nonprofits of Bermuda. 

Looking ahead The Centre on Philanthropy’s ongoing planning will include developing strategies that leverage critical issues facing the sector, go beyond the status quo and instigate sustainable change to ensure a viable future, make decisions to support, promote and advocate for an effective and sustainable Third Sector.

For more than 25 years The Centre on Philanthropy has invested in Bermuda through its work with nonprofit organisations, through our three strategic focuses; training, volunteerism and advocacy.

• Training & Education – Provide learning opportunities to help nonprofits, volunteers and other Third Sector stakeholders develop their knowledge, skills and abilities to more efficiently benefit the community.

• Volunteer Engagement – Facilitate, promote and recognise volunteer opportunities and activities across Bermuda’s Third Sector.

• Advocacy & Community Engagement – Raise community awareness of sector issues, opportunities and accomplishments; deliver opinions/ positions on social issues; engage with Government; engage stakeholder networks.