Workshops, sponsored by Argo Group, XL Foundation, Axix and Bank of Bermuda Foundation pp

Financial Management Series: Implementing a Financial Management Framework

  • Presenter: Georgina Francoeur, MBA, CPA
  • Course Date: Thursday, April 19, 2018
  • Course Time: 9:00AM - 12:00PM
  • Prices: $75 Members
    $100 Non-Members

Learning Objectives

    - Discuss each key financial element, or "Golden Rule", and how they relate to one another

    - Gain a better understanding of financial leadership 

    - Learn how to build a strong foundation of mission, values, and leadership. 

    - How to ensure your mission is front and centre in all Board discussions 

    - Complete a mission/income grid to help identify which direction your organization needs to take to achieve the proper balance between mission and money. 



Who should attend this workshop

    - Board Members and Executive Directors of Non- Profits 

    - Key Stakeholders in Non- Profits (e.g. those individuals who assess feasibility of granting sponsorshop/financing to Non- Profits) 

    - Person interested in serving on Boards of Non- Profits 

    - Staff or volunteers of Non- Profits wanting to gain a better understanding of the financial side of Non- Profits.