Calling all non-profits!

Join The Centre on Philanthropy today! As members, we will find more ways to work together to strenthen the Bermuda community.

Our mission is to promote and advocate for an effective and sustainable third sector by providing Training & Education, fostering Collaboration and supporting Volunteerism.  As partners we make a difference in our community!

As a non-profit member of The Centre on Philanthropy, you will receive the following programmes and services:

  • Training and Education—The Centre on Philanthropy has a progressive curriculum of training courses focused on key areas identified by stakeholders.  Members will receive a discounted fee.  For more information please contact The Programme Officer.
  • Access to the Resource Centre— The Centre on Philanthropy houses an onsite Resource Centre with tools and information regarding best practices for non-profits.
  • Non-profit Forum—Automatic membership to the Non-profit Executive Leadership Forum.  The non-profit forum brings non-profit leaders together quarterly to discuss best practices and other issues in common.  Notices of meeting times and location will be emailed to the main contact listed on your membership form.  For more information please contact The Programme Officer.
  • —Recruit more volunteers with Bermuda's only online volunteer management tool. is the online one-stop shop for volunteering in Bermuda. The interactive website provides non-profit organisations with an online resource to recruit and manage volunteers and allows individuals to search for activities that suit their skills, experience and schedule.  For more information please contact The Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator.
  • Donor Directory—Target your fundraising activities to donors that support your mission through access to the members only Donor Directory, a listing of corporate and foundation grant makers in Bermuda.
  • Community Days — The Centre on Philanthropy offers facilitated Community Days, engaging corporate employees in volunteer projects that benefit the community.  Non-profit members are invited to submit projects which are suitable for a group of volunteers to work as a team and can be completed in one day (or half day).  For more information please contact The Volunteer and Engagement Coordinator.
  • Non-profits Benefits Alliance—Lower your cost of health insurance and pension administration and provide employees with expanded benefits.  Members of The Centre on Philanthropy are eligible to join this groundbreaking Alliance. 
  • Volunteer Recognition Reception - Annually, The Centre on Philanthropy hosts a Volunteer Recognition Reception in celebration of National Volunteer Day.  Non-profit members are invited to nominate a volunteer to be honoured.
  • Discount for Third Sector Conference—The Third Sector Conference has been hosted by The Centre on Philanthropy since 2007. Bermuda's Charities, Non-profits, Donors, Board and Committee Members, Social Entrepreneurs, the Faith-based Community and Volunteers learn, network and collaborate on the common issues that face the Sector. Highly qualified professionals from within the sector, both Bermudian and from overseas are invited to speak/present, meet and collaborate with our community. The Conference is themed each year to address the overriding issues of the day. Past themes have included: 2016 'Building Hope'2013 ‘Together We Can’ - 2011 ‘Changing Our World’ - 2009 ‘The Power of One’ - 2007 ‘Giving in PartnershipMembers receive up to $200 off on registration fees. Although The Third Sector Conference is held every two years, the next one will be held in February 2016, due to the inavailability of the venue which is under renovation.
  • The 'Good News' Wrap Feature —The Centre on Philanthropy publishes a quarterly Third Sector newspaper feature, 'Good News', aimed at educating the community about the important work of our non-profit sector. The Publication features our non-profit members and is a service we provide entirely FREE. If you have a story to share, contact:
  • Influence and access to research—Through the Non-profit Forum, non-profit leaders are able to influence the focus of The Centre on Philanthropy research and receive results of surveys once available.  For more information please contact The Programme Officer.
  • Access/Voice within Government—The Centre on Philanthropy actively seeks audiences with the appropriate Government departments to address issues of concern to our members and stakeholders.

To Join The Centre on Philanthropy please call 236-7706 or email at

Alternatively you can click here to download your membership registration form and drop it off at our office in Sterling House, Ground Floor, 16 Wesley Street, Hamilton.