Teens invited to participate in internship opportunity at non-profit organisations

Friday, March 28, 2014


The Centre on Philanthropy is urging new students and charities to step forward and join their Summer Intern Programme.

The programme, launched last year in partnership with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, offers students between the ages of 15 and 18 internship opportunities during July or August at non-profit organisations.

Executive Officer of the Community Education and Development Programme Patricia Chapman said that around 200 students had taken part in the Department’s programme, and they were excited to add charities to the mix last year.

“The benefit to the student interns, non-profit organisations and the community are priceless,” Dr Chapman said. “It provides access and exposure to a diverse sector of people and skill sets that our young people would not otherwise have.

“The uniqueness of the Summer Internship Programme is that we are the only government organisation that provides such a programme and an opportunity to 15 to 18 year-old students that fosters volunteerism, citizenship, mentorship, leadership, character building skills and work ethic skills in the real world of work.”

Last year seven students worked with five non-profit organisations through the programme including Masterworks and the Bermuda Red Cross.

A Masterworks spokesman said they were pleased to take part in the programme, saying they would be happy to have both interns back again.

“We have many projects here which can be perfect for someone interested in art or in museums. Much of the work is also related to marketing, so for those individuals interested in marketing, Masterworks might be a good option for them,” he said.

And a representative for the Bermuda Red Cross praised the programme, urging other charities to get involved, saying: “This would give other students a chance to volunteer in the different aspects of charity work in these organisations and the charities would also benefit.”

Student Yannie Outerbridge, who volunteered with Sandys 360 last year, said the experience opened her eyes and gave her unique new opportunities.

“I have made great friendships with people who have helped me when I was going through a rough time. I have met people there who encourage young people, help them be more — giving selflessly of their time and energy to help,” she said. “This has been a great inspiration to me. I realised I am put on this earth to do something important and I will.

“The networking has been great but also learning how to present yourself, your speech and proper etiquette have helped me build confidence. Sandys 360 need our support and I believe in them and would support them again next year.

“They are much more than a gym. They assist with academics, implement activities and help young people. One day, I will start my own charity to give back to the community by helping at-risk youth.”

Any non-profit interested in knowing more about the programme and participating can contact Programme Coordinator Lorna McGowan at 236 7706 or by e-mail at lorna@centreophilanthropy.org. The deadline for applications is April 3.