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Wednesday, February 3, 2010



The Giving Game Encourages Random Acts of Kindness for Whole Island

(Paget, BDA) - - The Centre on Philanthropy unveiled a new initiative to get the entire island, especially our youngest residents, energised about helping others. 

Programme Manager Danielle Riviere said, “The Centre on Philanthropy is very excited to introduce The Giving Game, in partnership with programme sponsors Catlin Insurance.   The goal of the programme is to facilitate a network of good deeds that will travel across the island.”

The Giving Game is an initiative of Learning to Give, a US-based organisation that creates philanthropy-inspired worksheets, activities, and classroom lessons.  The game consists of playing cards, which you pass on to others by doing a good deed for them, such as paying for a stranger’s coffee or helping a neighbour to carry out their trash.  The card recipient then does a good deed for someone else, so that the card continues to get passed on. 

The local programme includes five thousand playing cards, each with a unique tracking number, which will be handed out to all Primary 5 – Middle 3 students, Catlin employees, and Centre on Philanthropy members.  (A few hundred cards will be available to the general public.) 

Ms. Riviere continues, “The exciting part of The Giving Game is a component that allows all players to use the unique tracking number to register their card online ( and track how far their good deed travels.  The Centre on Philanthropy will be able to see how many cards are in play, the number of good deeds that have been accomplished, how many people have been impacted, and what other countries the cards have visited.  If you choose to, you can write the story of your kind act on the website, to provide ideas and inspiration to others.   Just think… the parking voucher you give to someone ‘stranded’ in a parking lot, or the grass you cut for a neighbour can spawn a good deed halfway around the world.  ”

“Catlin is very excited to be a part of this fun initiative to encourage acts of kindness throughout Bermuda, and potentially overseas as well,” said Alexandra Porter of the Catlin Charitable Donations Committee. “We think young people of all ages, adults included, will be fascinated to see the ripple effect that follows from their good deeds.”