New Training & Education Program Launches

Wednesday, September 24, 2014


The Centre on Philanthropy announced the launch of its new Training & Education Curriculum for 2014/2015.

Programme Manager, Karen Smith, has led an extensive review and assessment of past workshops and ensured the new curriculum is more relevant and innovative, offering courses that will support the most immediate needs of the non-profit sector.

Karen Smith said, “The Centre on Philanthropy has listened to its membership and stakeholders. We have seen a 20% increase in demand for training and help desk services and we are working diligently to ensure the non-profit sector receives the support and skills they need to serve the community.

“Whether you are a Board Member, Staff or Volunteer at a non-profit organisation, the Centre on Philanthropy can assist in directing you to more sustainable solutions for your organization.”

Ms. Smith continued, “Improvements to the program will see a broader selection of facilitators, more capacity building and governance training, boot camps in fundraising and more one-on-one assistance with a pool of trainers available for implementation support, where needed.

“Certification and education credits will also be offered as they become available. We have also engaged a pool of trainers/experts who will be made available to non-profits to assist in complying with the new Charities Act.”

Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director added, “In addition, the Centre on Philanthropy will continue its Quarterly Member Forums where speakers are invited to present on pressing third sector issues.

“These meetings are free for members of The Centre on Philanthropy and go a long way in assisting and availing understanding of issues and the actions that can be taken as a collaborative group, ensuring best possible outcomes and solutions.”

Workshops will be offered as ‘Lunch and Learns’, Webinars, Forums, ½ and full day classes. The new, customized curriculum will see more quality and less quantity. Here is a sampling of new workshops for the year which start on September 30th and run through June, 2015:


  • Fundraising Boot Camp with Chris Wineinger
  • Ten Ways to generate Income for your Organisation
  • What’s Wrong with Fundraising & How to Fix It

Capacity Building:

  • How to Run Your Non-profit as a Business
  • Managing Employees Who Are Stretched
  • Strategic Planning Clinic

Financial Management:

  • Building Budgeting Skills for Non-financial leaders
  • Forward Financial Planning for Non-profits
  • How to Read Financial Statements


  • Board Boot Camp
  • Leadership Certification for Non-profit executive Directors
  • Developing a Dynamic Board – ‘The Key to Non-profit Effectiveness’

To become a member of the Centre on Philanthropy and take advantage of the many benefits they offer charities, including better rates for Health Insurance for employees, resources and reduced costs for training and programmes, visit their website: Or e-mail: info@centreonphilanthropy or call the Help Desk: 236-7706.

In the photo: Left to Right: Elaine Butterfield, Executive Director and Karen Smith, Programme Manager