National Philanthropy Day to be held in Bermuda

Thursday, November 13, 2014


National Philanthropy Day will be celebrated for the first time in Bermuda on Friday — on the steps of City Hall.

The Centre on Philanthropy will deliver a proclamation at noon to mark a day when people come together to consider the meaning of philanthropy and how it can be put into action.

Elaine Butterfield, the centre’s executive director, said: “We are delighted to officially launch National Philanthropy Day in Bermuda to give tribute to those who contribute and give back so much to our community. These are our modern day heroes.

“The Centre on Philanthropy has joined in this global, grassroots movement to increase public interest and awareness of the importance of philanthropy, as well as provide knowledge on giving, volunteering and engagement at the charitable level so people can practice effective philanthropy.

“While many people show interest in giving or getting involved, they often need a little reminder about needs and to be inspired by goals and dreams. The theme of this year’s National Philanthropy Day is ‘Change the world with a giving heart’.

“The Centre on Philanthropy can assist you in achieving your goals to give back by providing tips and guidance on giving, volunteering expertise and connecting you with local causes.”

National Philanthropy Day is celebrated on November 15 in the US, where the first official events were held in 1986. The aim of this day is to recognise the accomplishments, large and small, that philanthropy — and all those involved in the philanthropic process — make to the enrichment of society and the world.