HSBC Bermuda Staff Give Back To Community

Thursday, March 20, 2014



In 2006, The Centre on Philanthropy launched the website, an online tool that local charities can use to post volunteer opportunities, and where members of the community can search for volunteer opportunities, specific to their personal interests.

Currently there are over 4,850 volunteers and 135 non-profit organisations registered on The Centre on Philanthropy’s site.

Through this programme, Corporates can register teams on the Team Tracker Programme, a tool where staff can register as a team, search for opportunities and log their own volunteer hours.

HSBC have supported the website for 7 years, and actively promote the programme to staff. Currently, 55 HSBC staff have registered with the on-line Team Tracker programme, logging their volunteer hours for Bermuda charities and collectively logged over 600 volunteer hours in 2013.

In an effort to inspire Bank staff to volunteer, HSBC offers cash donations to the staff who log the most volunteer hours each year. HSBC awarded a total of $4,500 to staff for their volunteer efforts in 2013.

Cyril Whitter, Business Analyst logged the most volunteer hours in 2013, recording 213 hours for Team Tuned Motorcycle Racing. Mr. Whitter will be donating his cash prize to the St John’s Ambulance. “Volunteering is an important part of our community as it provides us with the opportunity to connect with others whilst giving back to those who are in need,” said Mr. Whitter.

“There are countless benefits to giving of one’s time for both our community as well as our own personal development. “The reason I volunteer is to provide guidance to our next generation whilst offering them a listening ear and offering them advice on their chosen paths.”

HSBC CEO Richard Moseley said, “We are very supportive of our staff and their volunteer activities and are very pleased to see staff engaging in community initiatives that help improve the overall quality of life on the island. Our staff take time from their own busy lives to help other people, and we congratulate them for their significant contributions towards making the island a better place for everyone.”

Jennifer Pitcher, The Centre on Philanthropy said, “The Centre on Philanthropy believes in volunteerism. Volunteers are a vital resource in our community, supporting the island’s most critical services. Volunteers are the heart of our non-profit organisations. Through their donation public of time and energy they apply their talent and passion to support important causes and our community benefits as a result.

“Volunteers come from all sorts of backgrounds and are of all ages. Culturally and professionally, the roles they play in our community are equally as diverse. From supporting special events and fundraising initiatives, designing marketing materials and websites, serving on Boards to provide strategic direction to organizations and mentoring youth, to caring for the environment, preparing meals for those in need or simply giving a residence a fresh coat of paint, the list goes on and on.

“The common trait within all volunteers is their goal to help organisations better provide meaningful programmes and services. Their acts, small and large, bring our community together and their inspiring commitment enriches our community as a whole making Bermuda a more vibrant place to live.”