Global Indemnity praised for charity donations topping $60,000

Friday, July 25, 2014


The Centre on Philanthropy — an organisation dedicated to bettering the Island’s non-profit groups — has praised Global Indemnity Re for handing out $60,000 to Bermuda charities.

“This organisation clearly understands both the great need and valuable impact that their donation will make to the charities chosen,” Elaine Williams, the Centre’s executive director, said. “Their donation can mean the difference in whether to continue a programme or not, or even the charity’s ability to keep a staff member employed.”

Global Indemnity Re, a Bermuda-based reinsurance provider which was previously Wind River Reinsurance Company Ltd, selected six charities as beneficiaries of the company’s second Give Back Campaign.

They include Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies, Bermuda Zoological Society, WindReach Bermuda, Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, Bermuda Institute of Insurance as well as the Centre on Philanthropy. “Global Indemnity Re is pleased to be able to give back to a number of very worthwhile charities for their continuous work,” Marie-Joelle Chapleau, chief operating officer at Global Indemnity Re, said.

“These charities provide so much opportunity for Bermuda’s population. As times are difficult for the third sector, and the demand on charities continues to increase, we feel it is our responsibility as a good corporate citizen to give back.”

Ms Williams added: “The donations will provide opportunities to a very broad spectrum of people and services. The impact is far reaching, provides hope and will make a tremendous future impact to those who will benefit from the services of these charities and to our community.”