Donations Roll in for No Go Gala

Friday, June 13, 2014


If you’re socially introverted, a night of glamorous, black tie socialising is probably about as appealing as dental surgery without anaesthetic. You’ve probably grumbled, more than once, that you would gladly pay someone to let you NOT go to the party.

Introverts, the Centre on Philanthropy has heard your plaintive cries.

The Centre has organised the No Go Gala event which has people making donations for the privilege of staying home. And if television is your passion, donors will receive incentives from Bermuda CableVision as a thank you for donating.

The Centre is essentially a charity for charities. It supports charities in capacity building through training and education, volunteerism and advocacy.

“There are a lot of people who don’t like going to galas,” said Tione Darrell, development and engagement officer at The Centre on Philanthropy.

“Many people would prefer to stay home and relax and do what they like to do. So often, when galas are organised, about half of the money put into it goes into the event. We wanted to create a really cool concept and wanted to create a really fun fundraiser, that we can do annually, and get people to donate to the Centre. We also wanted to give them something back.”

Through a partnership with CableVision, individuals who donate $50 will receive a $10 coupon towards a video on demand from CableVision.

“From there, Mr Terry Roberson, general manager of CableVision, was gracious enough to take it a step further. He said, ‘If I donate $2,000, why am I just getting a $10 movie?’ He suggested he throw in some extras. If you donate $2,000 you get a month of cable, a month of a premium channel, data service and a $20 coupon for videos on demands. It was a brilliant idea because it gives so much more to the donor.”

The first 500 donors will also receive prizes from CableVision.

Members of the public are invited to make donations to the campaign in various levels starting at $2,000 for gold benefactor in lieu of catering, $1,500 for silver benefactor in lieu of flowers, $1,000 for benefactor in lieu of a table for ten to $50 in lieu of a raffle ticket.

So far people are reacting positively. Halfway through the event period, The Centre had received $5,200, and are about halfway to their target.

“We are halfway there and we have two weeks to go,” she said. “We have done really well and we are excited we have been able to generate such interest. We have had quite a few people who have e-mailed us to say what a cool idea. This is the first time something like this has been done in Bermuda. It is something that we will definitely repeat next year.”

Mr Roberson said: “We jumped at the opportunity to sponsor The Centre’s ‘No Go Gala’ as we believe the work they do in the community is important and we are delighted to help. Through its members/charities, The Centre on Philanthropy touch so many good causes in the community.”

The No Go Gala is on from now until June 13. For more information or to donate,