Corporate Social Responsibility Award Winners

Friday, November 7, 2014


The launch of The Centre on Philanthropy’s Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] Awards in September 2014, in partnership with the Bermuda Corporate Volunteer Council [CVC], saw a diverse range of companies and local businesses submit an entry for either or both of two award categories, with HSBC, BF&M, and Argus claiming the three top spots.

The independent selection panel who reviewed the entries were deeply impressed by the widespread impact nominees have had through the success of their programmes and the ways in which they are leading the way for CSR initiatives in Bermuda.

‘It demonstrates that a strategic approach to CSR is increasingly important to the competitiveness of companies in Bermuda and encourages more social and environmental responsibility from the corporate sector to improve the community for all of us,’ said Tioné Darrell, Development & Engagement Officer at The Centre on Philanthropy.

Best practices in CSR were well depicted by the winners including exceptional employee engagement and senior leadership support, dedication to measurement, collaborative partnerships and innovation. HSBC Bermuda received the highest ranking scores for both award categories. The winners were:

1st Place for CSR Excellence & 1st place for Community Impact: HSBC Bermuda

Mr. Richard Moseley, CEO, HSBC Bermuda said: “We are delighted that we have been selected as winners of The Centre’s on Philanthropy’s Corporate Social Responsibility Awards, and pleased to be provided with the opportunity to share information with the community on HSBC’s projects and volunteer programmes that help to support building a stronger community.

“HSBC believes that it is important to support the communities where it operates, not just through cash donations, but also through supporting volunteer programmes for staff.

“HSBC in Bermuda has made significant donations to local charities in support of education, environment and community projects and our staff volunteers have provided over 8000 hours in community service since the introduction of our Community Action Day Programme in 2006. It is amazing to see what we can accomplish when we work together!”

“I would like to thank The Centre on Philanthropy for highlighting the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in our community, our staff for their consistent help with our community projects, members of the community for their continued support for charitable activity in Bermuda, and our community partners for working so hard to make this island a better place for everyone”.

2nd Place for CSR Excellence: The Argus Group

Alison Hill, Chief Executive Officer of the Argus Group said: “As a local Bermuda company, The Argus Group remains dedicated to promoting and educating a healthy living lifestyle not only with our own employees but also to our valued clients and the broader community.

“Argus is in the business of preventing financial and physical misfortune for our clients and we are proud to be recognized for our support of those who are making a positive difference in the community.

“In partnership with The Centre on Philanthropy, we were incredibly proud to attract over 1100 participants to the annual Argus Walks the Walk earlier this year and to share with the Bermuda Heart Foundation in the success of the Jump 2b Fit programme which is active across Bermuda’s schools. This lets us know that there are many other passionate and dedicated people who share our vision.

“On behalf of The Argus Group, we are delighted at our placement in these very meaningful awards, are proud to share this award with the many local charities and organizations we support and look forward to continuing our support of their noble causes in the future. We would also like to thank The Centre on Philanthropy for recognizing our efforts and for creating platforms for increased corporate social responsibility. “

2nd Place for Community Impact: BF&M

BF&M President & CEO John Wight states, “BF&M is honored to be recognized by The Centre of Philanthropy for our strategic partnership with the Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre to promote Breast Cancer Awareness in Bermuda. Statistics show that one in eight women, in their lifetime, will hear the frightening words ‘you have breast cancer’.”

“Virtually every family in Bermuda at one point will have a family member hear this. This is the reason why BF&M has chosen to sponsor the BF&M Breast Cancer Walk for 18 years.”

“Our staff members are proud that our efforts over the 18 years have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars that have helped purchase Digital Mammography machines, a state-of-the-art management system, launch a cancer information service, and so much more.”

Tioné Darrell added, ‘The Centre on Philanthropy believes in recognising companies that are committed to accomplishing social good in Bermuda through imaginative and impactful ways. A big ‘thank you’ goes out to all of the entrants for participating in our inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] Awards.

“We commend these companies for leading the CSR initiative in Bermuda and fostering corporate cultures that support and enhance the lives of their employees. We congratulate the winners and invite you to review their CSR stories in the Good News feature. Maybe next year we’ll hear how your organisation is doing its part to make a difference in our community.’