Charities Wanted: 2011 End-to-End

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


The Catlin End-to-End – Bermuda’s largest charity fundraiser – is looking for applicants from charities wishing to receive funds raised in its 2011 event, with a deadline set for Friday, November 5.

“We have the sponsors to organize the event. We have the talent on the ground, working to raise money for local charities. What we need are deserving charities to win our support in 2011,” said Catlin End-to-End chair Anne Mello. “We have a formal application process for charities wishing to be considered recipients of our funds,” she added.

“Successful applicants will be selected according to their benefit to the community, their ability to engender the support and enthusiasm of our fundraising participants, and be able to prove that donations are spent wisely and responsibly.”

Registered charities wishing to be considered for funding from the May 7, 2011 event should submit a confidential application providing detailed information about the organization, the project to be funded, and its impact on the community. Recipient charities must be non-political and non-sectarian, and must support local charities doing work in Bermuda.

Application forms can be downloaded from the End-to-End website ( under the Charity section along with additional information and instructions. The End-to-End suggests that charities solicit the assistance of The Centre On Philanthropy in preparing their submissions.

If you only need the Application Form, you can download here .