Charities big winners in Give Back Games

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Bermuda Sun, Friday, September 20, 2013

A total of $53,000 was awarded to 10 charities thanks to the efforts of 10 local firms. 

The Centre on Philanthropy hosted the fifth annual ‘Give Back Games’ beach-style Olympics on Horseshoe Bay on Tuesday. 

The event saw 10 corporate teams representing 10 local charities, compete for prize money for their chosen charity. 

Validus Re swept to the finish gaining the best scores over some ten games including the flipper relay, dizzy bat, blindfolded water relay and other intensely fun games aimed at testing the competitors’ athleticism! 

Second palace winners, Partner Re, won $7,000.00 for the Menuhin Foundation; while third place winners, Guy Carpenter, won $5,500 for YouthNet and all other companies won $4,500 for their charities. 

Participating companies and their Charities were: Ace Tempest Re (Teen Services), Arch Reinsurance (Centre Against Abuse), Argo Re (Bermuda SPCA), Axis (The Eliza Dolittle Society), Catlin (SCARS), Guy Carpenter (YouthNet), Tokio Millennium Re (The Reading Clinic) Validus Re (Coalition for the Protection of Children), XL (Bermuda Cancer and Health), Partner Re (Menuhin Foundatio) 

Over 120 people took part in this year’s Give Back Games, including charity representatives who helped organise and score the events.