Centre Launches new Volunteer.bm Campaign

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


The ads focus on the common connection of being Bermudian and volunteering. Bermuda Day is the day we celebrate all that makes us unique. The ties that bind us as a community, the characteristics that we share and the traditions we hold dear.

Volunteering is and always has been an important function in our society and one that Bermudians, and other residents, have stepped up and delivered on.

This May 24th we'd just like to thank those who already volunteer and encourage everyone to join in. Because time given is time well spent.

To see the new print ad click here. To hear the radio ad click here.

VOLUNTEER.bm is a valuable tool for any organisation trying to recruit and manage volunteers. Centre members can receive free one-on-one sessions to learn how to maximise their use of the site.