Centre AGM includes 20th Anniversary Presentation

Thursday, November 17, 2011


At its 2011 AGM The Centre on Philanthropy took some time to look both back and forward at some of the programmes and initiatives that define the organisation.

The Centre has been celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. The AGM included a three part presentation on the past, present and future of The Centre.

Chairman Brian Madeiros began the presentation with a look back at the some of the early initiatives put forward by founder Cummings Zuill, and how they had been sustained and expanded to meet the growing needs of Bermuda's third sector. These include the first Nonprofit Directory, published in 1993, and the first Volunteer Opportuntiy Bulletin Board, that has evolved into www.volunteer.bm.

Executive Director Pam Barit Nolan picked up the story in 2005, when The Centre had just completed a strategic review of its purpose and she was hired as ED. Her presentation noted the expansion of membership, the initiation of Bermuda's first third sector conference and third sector benefit programmes like the Nonprofit Benefits Alliance.

Programme Manager Danielle Riviere wrapped up the presentation with a look forward at some of The Centre's new programmes. These include the Sporting Club Education Programme, the Skills Based Volunteering Programme and the Bermuda National Standards Curriculum.

Also at the AGM the audited financial statements were presented and the election of Class Four Directors was completed. There were four Class Four Directors confirmed. The two renewing are Graham Pewter (Deputy Chair) and Curtis Dickinson. The two new members of the Board are Elaine Williams and Theresa Moore. The Centre would like to thank them all for their participation and commitment.

In summing up the AGM, Mr. Madeiros reminded attendees that The Centre is a member organistion whose purpose it is to understand and meet the needs of its third sector stakeholders. He thanked all members for their particiapation and encouraged them to make use of all The Centre has to offer.

The Annual Report can be viewed here.

The AGM presentation can be viewed here.

The Audited financial statements can be viewed here.