'We’re here to help, Centre tells Island’s charities'

Monday, August 5, 2013


As appeared in the Royal Gazette, July 12th: 

By Ceola Wilson


The Executive Director of the Centre of Philanthropy has issued a reminder to local registered charities that they are there to assist with the submission of financial statements.

Elaine Williams issued the reminder after Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said charities that fail to submit their financial records by the end of this month run the risk of losing their registration.

“We recognise that the new statutory reporting requirements will affect charities in various ways, and the challenges that may arise to comply,” said Ms Williams.

“While we are in support of the Charities Act we would like to assure that charities that it is our role to assist them to engage in best practice standards through training and education, make them aware of their options and advocate on their behalf through our collaborative work with the Department of Human Affairs, the Charities Commission and the Registry General.

“We urge charities to operate as much as possible within best practice guidelines, and to seek advice and assistance through the Centre of Philanthropy when needed.

“The Centre on Philanthropy facilitates innovative, flexible and practical solutions that address the needs of Bermuda’s third sector,” added Ms Williams.

“Our mission is promote and advocate for an effective and sustainable third sector by providing training and education, fostering collaboration and supporting volunteerism.”

For more information call 236-7706 or e-mail info@centreonphilanthropy.org.