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  • Government Reg. No: 679
  • Registered On: 2003-02-06
  • Expires On: 2015-02-26
  • Centre Member No: 2853

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Specialized Youth Arts Charity

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  • P.O. Box WK 779, Warwick, WK BX
  • (441) 537-1991
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    • O'Brian C. Roberts


    • Michelle DeRosa
      M: 441-537-1991
    • Regina McCall-Daniels
      Vice President
    • Maxwell Hassell
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  3. Our Mission

    CURRENT REGISTRATION: #679 EXPIRY DATE: 11 October 2012 Main purpose of Organization: To advance and elevate the involvement of the Youth in the Arts. To promote harmonious fellowship throughout the community among those sincerely interested in the specialized arts. Our principle focus will be on the Youth, but will not be limited to the youth and shall include the entire community. Purpose for which proceeds of fund-raising will be applied: To meet the mission purpose, aims and goals of our organization. Making grants to individuals, and-or to meet community needs as determined by our governing board.

  4. About Us

    Where did we begin?

    Established in 2001 Bermuda Magic began out of the need to give the Art of Magic a continued presence in our island home of Bermuda. Magic has always been popular in Bermuda but there was no event were all the local magicians could perform on a stage as the featured Artists. Our event... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    The Specialized Youth Arts Charity has for many years presented a Magic Workshop at the Bermuda Youth Library. The workshop with the assistance of a professional Magician teaches Magic, Diablo, Juggling and Balloon Art. It is intended to share the arts with our youth in an effort to keep the -'Magic-' alive.
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