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  • Registered On: 1995-01-23
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  • P.O. Box PG 27, Paget, PG BX
  • (441) 236-4627

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    • Shawnette Outerbridge
  2. Our Mission

    Group support for women who have had Breast Cancer and related treatment including surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and hormone therapy. Trained Reach to Recovery Volunteers visit newly diagnosed women with breast cancer upon the request of the physician, patient, family, or friends. Volunteers who are Breast Cancer survivors themselves, take a tote bag containing a small pillow, information pamphlets, and are prepared to listen and give emotional reinforcement. To educate and inform the public about early detection, current treatments and research of Breast Cancer.

  3. About Us

    Founded in 1991 by Shirley Humphreys in response to the increase in breast cancer cases in Bermuda. Affiliated with the American Cancer Society-'s Reach to Recovery programme which was introduced to Bermuda in 1997. Referrals from physicians and Oncology Department at KEMH and friends. All members are Breast Cancer survivors.

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    Monthly meetings provide an informal forum to share feelings, concerns, hear qualified speakers, get answers, reassurance and understanding (from those having had similar experiences) for the participants and family members while they return to their normal lifestyle. Help organise Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Education... Read More

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