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X-Roads Warriors Foundation

Knowledge - Faith - Victory

  • 86 Harrington Sound Road, Smith's
  • 441-331-6264
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    • Uthmani Talbot
      O: 441-295-2000
      M: 441-331-6264
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  3. Our Mission

    The X-Roads Warriors Foundation (,The Foundation,) is the means by which X-Roads Warriors Football Club reaches out to society and develops its social and cultural awareness programs. Its primary purposes are to promote the intrinsic values of sports and to use these values as an educational tool in the comprehensive devlopment of those who practice it, to be used as a method of social integration which benefits those who may find themselves marginalized from society, and to stimulate and disseminate all cultural aspects related to sport. The Foundation-'s main goal is to promote values inherent in sport, and to use the latter as an educational tool, both in the Smith-'s Parish Community and the rest of the island. The Foundation believes sport is capable of contributing to the complete development of the personality of those who practice it, and can serve as a tool of social integration for those excluded from society. It also believes in promoting and spreading cultural aspects tradionally linked to sport.

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