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WindReach Bermuda Trust - Erica Fulton

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  • P.O. Box WK 654, Warwick, WK BX
  • (441) 238-2469
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    • Paul Sullivan
      Assistant to Founder
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  3. Our Mission

    The long term sustainability of the Windreach Recreational Village to develop, manage and operate the Windreach Recreational Village. This includes fundraising for both capital and operating expenses. This new facility will be fully accessible for the primary use of a wide range of Bermudians who are disabled or who have special needs. This includes young children, students, adults and seniors.

  4. About Us

    Founded by Bermudian Alexander J. Mitchell in 1992. The Windreach Recreational Village is based on Windreach Farm, a fully accessible working farm located in Canada, also founded and developed by Mr. Mitchell. The Equestrian Centre at Windreach is operated by Bermuda Riding for the Disabled Ltd. It opened in December 1996.

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    Activities and facilities at The Windreach Recreational Village include a fully accessible Equestrian Centre, Petting Zoo, Campground, Sensory Trail, Picnic and Playground and a multi-purpose Activity Centre. This facility will provide an opportunity for those people with disabilities and-or special needs to integrate and... Read More

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