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Humpback Whale Research Foundation

whales ocean humpbacks cetaceans conserving marine environment education outreach science

  • Avalon, 3 Mill Shares Road, Pembroke HM 05
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    Primary Contact

    • Mr. Andre Stevenson
      Founder and Executive Director
      O: 441-296-7788
      M: 441-777-7688
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  3. Our Mission

    Through exploration of Bermuda-'s waters, research, data analysis and educational outreach-- to promote awareness and understanding of the humpback whales to protect their rights and by extension other cetaceans as a step towards conserving our marine environment

  4. About Us

    We began our research and education on the humpback whales in 2007-2010 when we produced the award-winning one-hour documentary, ,Where the Whales Sing,. This work was coninuted with the publication in the UK and USA of a large-format illustrated book, ,Whale Song: Journeys into the Secret Lives of the North Atlantic... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    We do cutting edge scientific research on the pelagic social behaviour of the humpback whales. Bermuda provides a unique platform and window into the mid-ocean migratory lives of the humpbacks. Without Bermuda we would have to be on an ocean-going ship to be able to collect this data. Through films, books, social media,... Read More

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