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CKC Cares Charity

Creating healing methods and artist development through creative and performing art forms

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    Primary Contact

    • Cha'Von K.Clarke
      CEO/Creative Director
      O: 441-519-2338
    • Rozetta Agustus
      O: 441-332-8475
      M: 441-519-2338
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  3. Our Mission

    CKC Cares Charity creates opportunities for at-risk populations through creative and performing arts. We believe that expression through art (writing, visual and performing) can improve self-esteem, self-worth and self-acceptance. Through publications, such as the Teen and Children’s Anthologies of Creative Works (with entries from almost one hundred public and private school students), we will help break the barrier between adults and youth so adults are better equipped to understand the challenges young people experience. The two publications (to be released in 2012) along with the Prison Anthology of Creative Works, will also provide an outlet for individuals who are experience difficult times. Performing Arts workshops, summer camp and performing opportunities will also give locals an opportunity to groom and showcase talents, thus building national pride among Bermuda’s people.

  4. About Us

    CKC Cares Charity has been committed to the community through events that celebrate local tradition, educate the masses on healing methods through various art forms and support the positive talents of at-risk populations, through poetry, short story and visual art publications, talent showcases, entertainment industry... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    CKC Cares Charity offers workshops in music and entertainment, as well as personal-professonal development workshops in interview skills, character development and the technical aspects of the entertainment industry. We host talent showcases to give local artists a platform of expression and donate funds to families in need.... Read More

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