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The Counseling Center Limited

  • 44 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04
  • 441-338-5279
  • Website

  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Dr. Ernest Peets
      Executive Director
      O: 441-296-7296
      M: 441-338-5279
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  3. Our Mission

    The mission of The Counseling Center is to provide support and assistance to families and individuals in crisis by providing free or at low costs, quality therapeutic and supportive services. Ultimately, the goal of The Counseling Center is to pass on to existing families and future generations the principles of successful relationships, so families can find healing and happiness; therefore leaving their children a successful legacy.

  4. About Us

    The Counseling Center was founded in 2007 by Dr. Ernest and Julie Peets, the early work of The Counseling Center began as an extension of Dr. and Mrs. Peets community work, which had its beginning as marriage and family mentors with HomeBuilders®, a small group study for couples which Dr. and Mrs. Peets introduced to Bermuda... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    The Counseling Center specializes in the following programs and services:

    Marriage & Family Counseling: This includes individual, pre-marital counseling and relationship assessment.

    Co-Parenting: The Counseling Center offers mediation and assistance to families who need help in developing a... Read More

    Visit our website for more details about our programmes and services

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