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Ocean Support Foundation

Sustaining our oceans and Bermuda's marine ecosystem

  • Suite 1222, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton HM 11
  • 441 707-4998
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    • Mr. Alex Chequer
      O: 441-707-4998

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    • Mr. Graham Maddocks
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  3. Our Mission

    OUR MISSION To conduct and support projects important to the future health and sustainability of our oceans and Bermuda’s marine environment. OUR VISION To be an important contributor to protecting and improving the health and vitality of our oceans and Bermuda’s marine ecosystem by: - Implementing an aggressive Lionfish management program; - Assisting Government with marine conservation projects; and - Supporting other projects such as: The Sargasso Sea Alliance; The Black Grouper Spawning Ground Project; 
The Galapagos Shark Program; and The Bermuda Reef Ecosystem Assessment and Mapping Programme’s (BREAM) Deep Coral Research.

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