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Soccer & Friends Ltd.

  • 33 A Pindle Hill, Ferry Reach, St. George's GE 01
  • 441 297 4822

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    • Gerald Pascoe
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  3. Our Mission

    To help Bermudian teenagers from less fortunate backgrounds through mentoring, soccer, education and nutruition program endeavour to help them achieve a college education. Our belief is a more productive youth will always mean a more productive society.

  4. About Us

    Soccer and Friends ltd was started one year ago by Mr. Walter Pascoe and Mr. Gerald Pascoe. After being very concerned about the rise of teen violence they thought it was time to try and do their part to get involved and try to enact change.Mr. Eugene Pascoe had run a successful foundation in Maryland in the USA taking... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    This Program is important that it targets teenagers with social problems but who with mentoring are shown that through soccer, education and nutrition combined and eventually a different environment a college education is a vital part of their success going forward in their lives. They in turn can be role models for other... Read More

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