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Feed My Lambs Ministry

  • P.O. Box HM 3184, Hamilton HM NX
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    • Phillip Rego
      O: 441-535-8934/970.389.4469

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    • Linda Adderley
      Board Member
      O: 441-295-3826
      M: 441.536.3613
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  3. Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide a home environment for children that have lost their parents or have been abandoned at our doorsteps by those who they trusted the most. We also try to provide education to as many children as our school will accommodate. We believe that in order to change the status quo for the some of the children in Haiti education is the key. There are many people in Haiti that have never ever visited a doctor. We would like to provide free medical attention to the most impoverished families in our area.

  4. About Us

    My name is Phillip Rego and I was born in raised in this beautiful island paradise we call Bermuda.

    Having been born and raised here all my life I was accustomed to having nice things, traveling and turning on
    my air-conditioner when the weather outside got too hot. But one trip to Haiti change all... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    We provide volunteer programs for those that would like to come with us on a mission trip to Haiti.
    Generally we travel from Sunday to Sunday and the volunteers participate in everything that is going on
    at the time in Haiti with Feed My Lambs Ministry. We hold medical clinic volunteers trips,Read More

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