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The Centre Limited


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    • Alan F. Richardson
      President & Chief Executive Officer


    • Kathy A. Austin
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  3. Our Mission

    The long-term objective is to develop in Bermuda a centre for performing arts having fine acoustics and flexibility in uses. Attention is now directed to the first stage of this endeavour: To encourage and enable the community to determine how such a centre will benefit all Bermuda, especially its young people.

  4. About Us

    Work during the last 25 years has been done to understand how, why and when a centre for performing arts for all Bermuda might be developed. Beginning in 2005, a renewed focus using appreciative inquiry was adopted and, early in 2009, cultural mapping, to determine how a performing arts centre might benefit all Bermuda, and... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    This research is being conducted (under professional guidance) by 'mapping' Bermuda's cultural assets. The process includes locating and describing tangible cultural assets and, by directed discussions using appreciative inquiry process, ascertaining the nature and location of intangible cultural assets such as events,... Read More

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