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Inspire Children's Foundation

Inspiring Bermuda's mathematicians and scientists, one child at a time

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    • Ms. Garita Coddington
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  3. Our Mission

    The mission of the Inspire Children’s Foundation is to inspire children reach their highest potential in mathematics and science as empowered and engaged citizens. Operationally, the Foundation works to (1) To provide programmes, which help kids to address deficiencies in math and science, and (2) to motivate students to be successful with challenging mathematics and science.

  4. About Us

    Founded in 2010, by Bermudian educators, Dr. Lou Matthews and Garita Coddington, the Inspire Children-'s Foundation facilitates various programs which engage local Bermudian children in challenging experiences in math and science.

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    The Inspire Afterschool Program in Mathematics and Science offers mathematics and science classes after school. Students are enrolled from primary and middle schools across the island into 90-minute classes once per week. Students in the programme are able to:

    1. Demonstrate increased proficiency in core 21st... Read More

    Visit our website for more details about our programmes and services

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