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Team Tuned Motorcycle Racing

  • 1 Third Avenue, Warwick WK 02
  • 441-704-7223
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    • Mr. Cyril H. Whitter III
      Team Manager
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  3. Our Mission

    The primary goals of the team are as follows: ' To promote a positive and structured environment for young Bermudians interested in motorcycle racing within a controlled, safety focused facility with a view of discouraging dangerous riding on Bermuda-'s public roads. ' To develop future National Champions through the training of quality riders from the earliest point in their careers by providing the infrastructure, equipment, race experience and training required to compete at the highest level in Bermuda-'s national motorcycle racing series. ' To both participate in training schools and compete within motorcycle racing events overseas on an annual basis with a goal of developing the team-'s riders on an international level.

  4. About Us

    Team Tuned Motorcycle Racing is a local Bermuda based youth development motorcycle racing team. The team was established in March of 2007 and registered as a charity in Bermuda on April 2009.

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    Team Tuned-'s primary focus is the training of future Motorcycle National Champions from the earliest point of their careers.

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