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Haiti Village Health


  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Dr. Tiffany Keenan
      Medical Doctor
      O: 441-518-4505
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  3. Our Mission

    HVH is a Bermuda based Charity dedicated to the provision of sustainable health care and public health support in Haiti. Our key objectives are to:1. Provide a General Medical Clinic, providing access to doctors for family and emergency medicine 2. Improved Woman’s Health through prenatal care and family planning 3. Reducing Childhood Mortality, via baby checks and vaccination 4. Improved Water and Sanitation conditions, by building and maintaining wells, water treatment centers and toilets.

  4. About Us

    Haiti Village Health (HVH) was founded by Canadian Emergency Physician, Dr. Tiffany Keenan in conjunction with a group of dedicated medical professionals who share a love for Haiti and a belief that access to health care and medicine is a basic human right.

    Dr. Keenan has worked in Canada, Bermuda, Congo and... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    Outpatient Medical Clinic serving over 5000 patients per year
    Women-'s Health Outreach to provide prenatal care and safe birthing
    Pediatric Outreach Program providing well baby and well child checkups which include vaccinations. Outreach in 12 villages over a population of 25,000.
    Water and Sanitation... Read More

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