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By the Numbers

  • The Metropolitan Building, 35 Union Street, Hamilton , HM
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  • P.O. Box DD93, St. David's, DDBX
  • 441-336-6284
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  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Sergio Pitcher
  2. Our Mission

    By the Numbers is a Bermuda based professional tutoring service that is dedicated to providing high quality tutoring to students of all ages in math, language, and reading, with certified teachers that care about students. Our mission statement is: Helping Bermudian children excel in a global community.

  3. Programme and Service Highlights

    We offer our services to students of all ages. Some students pay the full price of $40 per hour with a certified teacher. We also provide partial and full scholarships for students that cannot afford the service. The first tutoring session involves testing the student to identify learning weaknesses that the student has. We... Read More

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