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Kirwin International Relief Foundation India

  • 'Hillgrove', 58 Ord Road, Paget, PG 03
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  • 441-236-5997
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  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Mary & Walter Cook


    • Md Tajuddin
      Learning Centres Supr. & Office Assistant
    • Sri Jackie Wakefield
    • Diane L. Kirwin
      Founder, volunteer (onsite Jan thru Mar yearly)
  2. Our Mission

    Our mission is to help people help themselves by promoting health, education and sustainable development amon ghe acutely poor in Bodhgaya, Bihar region of India.

  3. About Us

    Diane Kirwin, Founder of KIRF India is a Bermudian. She was born and raised in Bermuda and was educated at the BHS. She received her BSW and MSW in Colorado. Her late husband, David Kirwin, taught for many years at Warwick Academy and subsequently was the first BermudianYoung Life leader. Diane’s consistent contact wit... Read More

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    Projects in Bodhgaya, Bihar region of India: Health – many surgeries have been sponsored to correct deformities such as cleft lips & palates, club feet, accidental injuries and other emergencies. We have a Mobile Health Jeep and frequently work in partnership with a local clinic. Thus we are able to serve remote areas... Read More

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