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  • Registered On: 2003-07-29
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Bermuda Technology Education Collaborative

  • XL House, 1 Bermudian Rd, Hamilton, HM 11
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box HM 2245, Hamilton, HM JX
  • (441) 294-7230
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  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Kristin White
      Project Manager


    • Diane Miller
      Global Director
    • Dr. Lynn Bak
      Global Director
  2. Our Mission

    An effective Public Private Partnership promoting the value of information and communication technology (ICT) in education.

  3. About Us

    In 1998, the XL Education Initiative began to open the gateway to the world of information and communication technology for bermuda-'s public school students, their educators, their parents and the community. Collaborating with Stanford University-'s world-renowned Computer Science Research Department and the Curry Centre... Read More

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    To ensure graduates from the Bermuda public school system achieve a level of competence in information and communication technology (ICT) that meets or exceeds local and-or international standards. Also to ensure that students and adults are well-prepared to utilize technology in the global workforce.

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