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  • Government Reg. No: 459
  • Registered On: 1997-03-14
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Bermuda Asthma & Allergy Support Group

  • Astor House, 38 Union Street, Hamilton HM 10
  • Mailing Address
  • Suite 303, 48 Par-la-Ville Road, Hamilton, HM 11
  • (441) 292-4695


  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

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    • Jenefer Brimmer
  2. Classification(s) Based on the National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities (NTEE)

  3. Our Mission

    Provide Practical and illustrative education to the public about asthma and allergy, which is supported by documentation of proven research.

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    - Provide free seminars, literature etc. to educate the public of the risks of unclean and un-purified environments
    - Teach preventive care, proper care in managing conditions and provide financial assistance when possible
    - Provide recommendations and solutions on equipment available such as: Light weight... Read More

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