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  • Registered On: 1997-05-06
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Bermuda Counsellors Association

    Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box DV 552, Devonshire, DVBX
  • (441) 291-5582
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    • Cindy Smith
      Member Secretary
  2. Our Mission

    We share the mission of the American Counselling Association which is to enhance human development throughout the lifespan. In addition, we promote quality and effectiveness of counselling in Bermuda to individuals, families and groups.

  3. About Us

    The BCA began in May 1995 as a result of a call to concerned counsellors throughout Bermuda to come together as one voice. Since that time the BCA has grown into an organisation which continually advocates for the counselling profession and for the delivery of a high standard of counselling services to all of Bermuda--'s... Read More

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    Provide professional development of counsellors through continued educational opportunities; provide psycho-social education to the community such as parenting classes; fundraisers such as walk-a-thon; to provide guidelines and ethical standards for the delivery professional counselling services in Bermuda.

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