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  • Government Reg. No: 545
  • Registered On: 2002-03-26
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Bermuda Sloop Foundation

Spirit of Bermuda

  • 12 Wesley Street, Hamilton HM 11
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box HM 2442, Hamilton, HM JX
  • (441) 737-5667
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  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Branwen Smith-King
      Executive Director
      O: 441 737-5667
      M: 441 704-9372

    Secondary Contact

    • India Ford
      Office Administrator / HR Support
      O: 4417375667
      M: 4417375667


    • Lauren Yelle-Simmons
      Education & Programme Manager
      O: 4417375667
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  3. Our Mission

    Our Vision To provide superior youth development to large numbers of Bermudian youth using a ship as a unique, dynamic -'24-7-' operating community and classroom. Our Mission To establish 21st Century holistic (body, mind and spirit) youth development and education programming using ocean sail training which will: a. Empower young Bermudians by developing character and leadership through teamwork, and technical skills through hands on training. B. Create excitement for academic and experiential learning and raise environmental, cultural and historic awareness in Bermuda. C. Broaden horizons and promote ambassadorship on overseas voyages.

  4. About Us

    The Bermuda Sloop Foundation was incorporated as a Bermuda Company Limited by Guarantee in December, 1999. It was registered as a Bermuda Charity in 2000.

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    Sail training vessel, Spirit of Bermuda, was designed and built to provide the youth of Bermuda with an authentic learning community to supplement and enrich the personal development and academic instruction provided within traditional classroom and community settings. Our programmes are designed to serve Bermudian youth... Read More

    Visit our website for more details about our programmes and services

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