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  • Government Reg. No: 115
  • Registered On: 1976-04-30
  • Expires On: Indefinite
  • Centre Member No: 1638

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Bermuda Society of Arts (BSOA)

  • City Hall, Church Street, Hamilton, HM 11
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box HM 1202, Hamilton, HM FX
  • (441) 292-3824
  • Website


  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Lesley Rego


    • Nzingha Ming
      Gallery Director
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  3. Our Mission

    To encourage and stimulate artists in Bermuda to achieve the highest standard of art. To aid members in the sales of their work in Bermuda and abroad. To cultivate cordial relationships with visiting artists. To maintain exhibiting galleries which are open to the public throughout the year.

  4. About Us

    The Society of Artists was founded in 1952 out of genuine regard for art and culture as well as the need to nurture the arts in Bermuda. It amalgamated with the Art Association in 1956 to form the present organization. First President was Mr. Antoine Verpilleaux. The gallery took residence at City Hall in 1961 under Sir... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    Exhibitions held at the Society-'s gallery:

    Annually: 5 Seasonal Members-' Shows, one of which is unjuried.
    The Photographic Exhibition, 2 School Exhibitions.
    Occasionally arts or crafts exhibitions by individual members-member groups.
    Bermuda Government sponsored exhibitions, i.e. May... Read More

    Visit our website for more details about our programmes and services

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