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  • Registered On: 2001-12-11
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Friends of the College Library

    Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box HM 1158, Hamilton, HM EX
  • (441) 293-4034

  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Daurene Aubrey
      External Trustee


    • Joyce Graham
      Interim President
    • Yionne James
      Interim Treasurer
    • Lisa-Dawn Johnston
      Interim Secretary
  2. Our Mission

    To enrich the total resources and facilities of Bermuda College Library. To foster close relations between the College Library and the Community. And To promote knowledge of the College Library-'s functions, resources, services and needs.

  3. About Us

    The group was officially launched on July 1, 1993, following a number of Foundational meetings with a ten-member steering committee of interesting persons drawn from Bermuda College alumni, faculty, staff and student body, as well as the local community, under the umbrella of the College-'s then Office for Development.... Read More

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    Tell others about FOCL and encourage them to join; send lists of potential members and contributors to FOCL (with their permission); Obtain their company or organisation-'s participation in a matching gift programme; and Pass on information about FOCL membership in their newsletter or other publications.

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