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  • Government Reg. No: 710
  • Registered On: 2004-10-01
  • Expires On: 2021-07-18
  • Centre Member No: 2908

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Raleigh International Bermuda

Find Out What You're Made Of!

  • 2nd Floor, 2 Midsea Lane, Hamilton HM 07
  • Mailing Address
  • P.O. Box HM 2475, Hamilton, HM GX
  • (441) 333-5678
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  1. Primary Contact Person(s)

    Primary Contact

    • Tina Nash
      Executive Director

    Secondary Contact

    • Tasha Jones


    • Carol Feathers
    • Helen Ann Chisholm
    • John Donohoe CPA
    • Gita M. Balkeney-Saltus
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  3. Our Mission

    Using overseas expeditions, local training and continued coaching, we challenge young Bermudians to harness their full potential and develop skills for life.

  4. About Us

    Raleigh International Bermuda is a youth development organisation (reg charity #710) that is passionate about helping young Bermudians between the ages of 17-25 to realise their full potential and to effectively manage the -'day to day-' risks they face - drugs, alcohol, crime, anti-social behaviour, bullying, loss of... Read More

  5. Programme and Service Highlights

    Raleigh Bermuda programmes include a 10-week expedition to developing countries, where participants engage in Community, Environmental and Adventure projects.

    Visit our website for more details about our programmes and services

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