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Royal Artillery Association

    Mailing Address
  • Barrack Hill, St. George's, GE 03
  • (441) 297-1810

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    • Neil Painter
  2. Our Mission

    To organize serving and retired Members of the Royal Artillery and the Bermuda Regiment with the object of furthering the welfare of past and present Gunners and their dependents. To safeguard the interest of all Gunners, their families and dependents, especially those in need, sickness of distress. To ensure that full consideration is given to the claims of all Gunners.

  3. About Us

    The parent body of the Bermuda Branch is the Royal Artillery Association, London SE 18, England.

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    Contact is established and maintained with other Public and Private organizations which concern themselves with the welfare of the forces and their dependents. Assistance is given in raising funds for the Royal Artillery Charitable Fund. Each year, as a Charitable venture, the Association hosts some of the Patients of the... Read More

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