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Investment Bermuda

  • 60 Vermont Road #2, , Smiths, FL 06
  • 441-799-1452
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    • Anthony Witherspoon
  2. Our Mission

    Investment Bermuda (IB) is dedicated to helping youth reach their full potential. Working within schools, families and community organizations, IB-'s goal is to lead youth to successful thinking, instilling positive values with leadership skills, development, educational and athletic enrichment activities that will enhance not only their personal lives but their communities as well.

  3. About Us

    2007 marks the year of new beginning for Investment Bermuda. IB devised a strategic planning process that deined our mission geared toward innovative youth development initiatives creating three programm areas that will transition our goals. They are: 1) Creating a Stronger Foundation which will gie students the support and... Read More

  4. Programme and Service Highlights

    - The IB Leadership Development Program ( Call Lead-Bermuda) - The IB IQ Reading Enhancement Program - The IB Art of Public Speaking Program - The IB Integrating Responsible Fatherhood and Relationship Education Program - The IB Mike-'s Math Club - The IB AV-TV Communication Program (Youth Media Minds of Bermuda)

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