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  • Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)

    A not-for-profit research and education institute, established in 1903 by scientists from Harvard University, New York University and Bermuda Natural History Society.

    Tel: 441-297-1880

    Primary Contact: Pamela Amaral

  • Bermuda National Trust

    Incorporated in 1969 by Act of Parliament, the Trust started operation in April 1970 inheriting the properties and artifacts owned by the former Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust. Policy decisions are made by Council based on recommendations of committees. Council comprises: 5 appointees of...

    Tel: (441) 236-6483

    Primary Contact: Kelly Way

  • Bermuda Overseas Missions

    Founded in 2003 and registered as a charity in 2007, BOM has now successfully completed 11 trips over 9 years, taking more than 400 people from Bermuda to 10 different countries and helped to construct over 75 houses providing homes for more than 500 people. We build in partnership with Habitat...

    Tel: 295-1078

    Primary Contact: David Thompson

  • CKC Cares Charity

    CKC Cares Charity has been committed to the community through events that celebrate local tradition, educate the masses on healing methods through various art forms and support the positive talents of at-risk populations, through poetry, short story and visual art publications, talent showcases,...

    Primary Contact: Cha'Von K.Clarke
    Rozetta Agustus

  • Continental Society of Bermuda

    The Bermuda Chapter was formed in 1962. An autonomous affiliate of Continental Societies Inc. USA. Dynamic leadership and membership have enabled Continentals to gain national/international recognition as leaders in improving quality of life for children and youth in their communities. Monthly...

    Tel: (441) 299 6478

    Primary Contact: Nekisha Tyrrell

  • Feed My Lambs Ministry

    My name is Phillip Rego and I was born in raised in this beautiful island paradise we call Bermuda. Having been born and raised here all my life I was accustomed to having nice things, traveling and turning on my air-conditioner when the weather outside got too hot. But one trip to Haiti...

    Primary Contact: Phillip Rego

  • Friends of Hospice

    Friends of Hospice was established in 1994 as the supporting charity of Agape House which was opened in 1991. Agape House is Bermuda's only inpatient hospice facility for the terminally ill. It is owned and managed by the Bermuda Hospitals Board and falls under their Medical Programme. Friends...

    Tel: (441) 232-0859

    Primary Contact: Cathy Belvedere

  • It Takes A Village Support Group

    Tel: 236-3908

    Primary Contact: Ms. Juanita Jones

  • Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation

    The History In 2006 Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts formally started the charity called “Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation” (KAF), and this coupled with the opportunity to rent the old Elliot School in Devonshire, began the realisation of creating a community arts centre. KAF opened its first classroom in...

    Tel: 441-542-9000

    Primary Contact: Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts

  • Multi Entertainment Organization

    MULTI Entertainment was created in 2002 by individuals who felt it imparitive that local entertainment be recognized and improved. As we struggle to find an identity and compete in a fast growing technical, media, and entertainment word, Multi Enterttainment believes that improvements in this...

    Primary Contact: Jah Simmons

  • Multiple Sclerosis Society of Bermuda

    The Multiple Sclerosis Society was founded in 1990 and subsequently became a registered, non-profit charity (#336) in Bermuda. We meet at 6:30pm, the 1st Monday of every month at Christ Church Hall on Middle Road in Warwick Parish

    Tel: 293-0772

    Primary Contact: Carolyn Armstrong

  • St. John Ambulance Brigade

    Operates as local autonomous Branch of the Order of Chivalry now regulated by Royal Charter. The Hospital in Jerusalem was founded in the 7th century. The order was founded in the 12th century and was reactivated in Britain in the early 19th century. St. John Ambulance, with its present aims,...

    Tel: (441) 236-7831

    Primary Contact: Dena Richards

  • Sunshine League, The

    Our private, non-profit facility was established because Ms. Agnes May Robinson (daughter of Samuel David Robinson) was deeply concerned about the social conditions at that time. With tremendous faith in God, 35 Shillings and three half-penny, the home opened on January 28th, 1919 as Bermuda�s...

    Tel: 441-292-4360

    Primary Contact: Annemarie Tobin
    Lisa-Jayne Metschnabel
    Richard Bassett
    Annemarie Tobin

  • The Storehouse Charitable Trust

    The Trust was formed on November 23, 2003 and to date over $1.6M has been distributed to missions and ministries in Bermuda and around the world. There are 3 Trustees who meet regularly to review prosective recipients. Our funding to date has been through personal donations. Going...

    Tel: 441-236-1465

    Primary Contact: Philip Bruce
    Dan Voth