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  • Bermuda Beach Art Festival

    Tel: 4412954597

    Primary Contact: Nicky Gurret

  • Adara Development (Bermuda) formerly The ISIS Foundation

    The Adara Group has two quite different parts, but one united purpose – to support people in poverty. The first part is an international development organisation called Adara Development. The second part is two Australia-based corporate advisory businesses, Adara Advisors and Adara...

    Tel: +1 441 472-3270

    Primary Contact: Pamela Barit Nolan

  • Amnesty International Bermuda

    AI Bermuda began as a group of individuals in 1983 and in 1989 was granted Section Status by Amnesty International. It is independent of government or religious affiliation. It works with the Human Rights Commission on an occasional basis. All funds are raised locally. AI Bermuda operates under...

    Primary Contact: Suzanne Wilson

  • Bermuda Autism Support & Education Society (BASE)

    Founded by a group of parents in 2001 as a follow-on from a small support group. Dedicated to helping promote education and awareness of Autism and thereby assisting individuals in receiving appropriate and timely treatment services.

    Primary Contact: Jenny Purvey

  • Bermuda Education Network ("BEN")

    BEN is an education foundation whose primary goals are to help support Bermuda's public schools with their school improvement plans and to provide free supplementary learning opportunities for students. We do this through our Organize.Teach.Connect (OTC) management consultancy and school...

    Tel: 441 296-9296

    Primary Contact: Becky Ausenda

  • Bermuda Girl Guide Association (Girlguiding Bermuda)

    Girlguiding Bermuda is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) which has member organizations in 144 countries around the world. It is a Branch of the organisation Girlguiding UK.

    Tel: 441-292-0675

    Primary Contact: Carol Hall

  • Bermuda Gymnastics Association

    The Bermuda Gymnastics Association is for boys and girls from the age of 18 months upwards. Over 600 children are currently involved in our Association, but we are a small group of people who run the programme, so any help is appreciated.

    Tel: 441-295-0589

    Primary Contact: Adriana Ford

  • Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust

    The independent and sole fund raiser for the Bermuda Hospitals Board. In 2003, the Bermuda Hospitals Board came under the charitable trust.

    Tel: (441) 295-2428

  • Bermuda Institute Academy Development Association

    Tel: 441-238-1566

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Frigga Simmons

  • Bermuda Island Games Association

    Bringing the Island Together - through Sport The Bermuda Island Games Association is responsible for affording Bermuda’s athletes the opportunity to represent Bermuda in the highly competitive International Natwest Island Games held every two years in different islands around the world....

    Tel: 441-504-9901

    Primary Contact: Jon Beard

  • Bermuda Karate Organization

    Frederick (Skipper) Ingham obtained the right to represent Bermuda in WAKO in 1988 and personally maintained the affiliation until 1991. Participation in WKO World Championships was added in 1990. WAKO Bermuda was formed and registered provisionally from January 1992 to January 1994. In 1996 the...

    Tel: (441) 292-2157

    Primary Contact: Gladwin Tyrone Phillips

  • Bermuda Lawn Tennis Association

    Tel: 441 296-0834

    Primary Contact: Michael Wolfe
    Glo Lightbourn

  • Bermuda Mental Health Foundation

    * The foundation was founded in 1994 as a non-profit all volunteer private enterprise effort. The Foundation has never had any paid staff and negligible administrative expenses throughout the 16 years of its existence. The foundation has neither sought nor receives funding from the Bermuda...

    Tel: 441-278-7908

    Primary Contact: Jodi D. Lewis

  • Bermuda National Gallery (Bermuda Fine Art Trust)

    The Bermuda Fine Art Trust was founded by an Act of Parliament in 1982 and Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) opened its doors in City Hall on March 15, 1992. The BNG is certified by the Bermuda National Standards Committee, effective January 1, 2011. The Board hold six meetings each year; the...

    Tel: (441) 295-9428

    Primary Contact: Dawna Ferguson

  • Bermuda National Trust

    Incorporated in 1969 by Act of Parliament, the Trust started operation in April 1970 inheriting the properties and artifacts owned by the former Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust. Policy decisions are made by Council based on recommendations of committees. Council comprises: 5 appointees of...

    Tel: (441) 236-6483

    Primary Contact: Kelly Way

  • Bermuda Ocean Explorers

    Primary Contact: Weldon Carl Wade

  • Bermuda Overseas Missions

    Founded in 2003 and registered as a charity in 2007, BOM has now successfully completed 11 trips over 9 years, taking more than 400 people from Bermuda to 10 different countries and helped to construct over 75 houses providing homes for more than 500 people. We build in partnership with Habitat...

    Tel: 295-1078

    Primary Contact: David Thompson

  • Bermuda Pacers Track Club

    Tel: 441 337 0088

    Primary Contact: Wayne Raynor

  • Bermuda Red Cross

    Two world wars prompted formation of the Red Cross to facilitate home nursing. After WW II, blood matching (later Blood Banking) service began. Autonomous and independent from government. All Red Cross Societies are equal and support each other. There is only one Red Cross Society in each...

    Tel: (441) 236-8253

    Primary Contact: Ann Spencer-Arscott, JP

  • Bermuda Rowing Association

    Founded in March 2004, the Bermuda Rowing Association was formed by a group of likeminded rowers wanting to develop rowing programmes predominately for our youth but also for our adults.

    Tel: 533 6767

    Primary Contact: Amanda Sodergren

  • Bermuda School of Music

    The Bermuda School of Music has been providing music education to the Island since 1978, commencing with the Dunbarton School of Music and followed by the merger of the Bermuda Academy of Music and the Bermuda Conservatory of Music in 2001. The school’s highly qualified local and international...

    Tel: (441) 296-5100

    Primary Contact: Mr. Kent Hayward

  • Bermuda Sea Cadet Association

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Naomi Buckley

  • Bermuda Sloop Foundation

    The Bermuda Sloop Foundation was incorporated as a Bermuda Company Limited by Guarantee in December, 1999. It was registered as a Bermuda Charity in 2000.

    Tel: (441) 737-5667

    Primary Contact: Branwen Smith-King

  • Bermuda Sport Anti-Doping Authority

    Tel: 441-232-6851

    Primary Contact: Deborah Hunter

  • Bermuda's Brazilian Football School

    Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School (BBFS) is drugs free and independently run training school, which utilizes football sports training to instill personal discipline and a code of conduct within its youth members. The founder in 2008 was Dennis Brown, a famed SCC Trojan’s coach and a former...

    Tel: 441 505 7999

    Primary Contact: Calvin Blankendal