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  • Bermuda Beach Art Festival

    Tel: 4412954597

    Primary Contact: Nicky Gurret

  • Adara Development (Bermuda) formerly The ISIS Foundation

    The Adara Group has two quite different parts, but one united purpose – to support people in poverty. The first part is an international development organisation called Adara Development. The second part is two Australia-based corporate advisory businesses, Adara Advisors and Adara...

    Tel: +1 441 472-3270

    Primary Contact: Pamela Barit Nolan

  • Amnesty International Bermuda

    AI Bermuda began as a group of individuals in 1983 and in 1989 was granted Section Status by Amnesty International. It is independent of government or religious affiliation. It works with the Human Rights Commission on an occasional basis. All funds are raised locally. AI Bermuda operates under...

    Primary Contact: Suzanne Wilson

  • Bermuda Autism Support & Education Society (BASE)

    Founded by a group of parents in 2001 as a follow-on from a small support group. Dedicated to helping promote education and awareness of Autism and thereby assisting individuals in receiving appropriate and timely treatment services.

    Primary Contact: Jenny Purvey

  • Bermuda Gymnastics Association

    The Bermuda Gymnastics Association is for boys and girls from the age of 18 months upwards. Over 600 children are currently involved in our Association, but we are a small group of people who run the programme, so any help is appreciated.

    Tel: 441-295-0589

    Primary Contact: Adriana Ford

  • Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust

    The independent and sole fund raiser for the Bermuda Hospitals Board. In 2003, the Bermuda Hospitals Board came under the charitable trust.

    Tel: (441) 295-2428

  • Bermuda Institute Academy Development Association

    Tel: 441-238-1566

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Frigga Simmons

  • Bermuda Mental Health Foundation

    * The foundation was founded in 1994 as a non-profit all volunteer private enterprise effort. The Foundation has never had any paid staff and negligible administrative expenses throughout the 16 years of its existence. The foundation has neither sought nor receives funding from the Bermuda...

    Tel: 441-278-7908

    Primary Contact: Jodi D. Lewis

  • Bermuda National Gallery (Bermuda Fine Art Trust)

    The Bermuda Fine Art Trust was founded by an Act of Parliament in 1982 and Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) opened its doors in City Hall on March 15, 1992. The BNG is certified by the Bermuda National Standards Committee, effective January 1, 2011. The Board hold six meetings each year; the...

    Tel: (441) 295-9428

    Primary Contact: Dawna Ferguson

  • Bermuda Pacers Track Club

    Tel: 441 337 0088

    Primary Contact: Wayne Raynor

  • Bermuda School of Music

    The Bermuda School of Music has been providing music education to the Island since 1978, commencing with the Dunbarton School of Music and followed by the merger of the Bermuda Academy of Music and the Bermuda Conservatory of Music in 2001. The school’s highly qualified local and international...

    Tel: (441) 296-5100

    Primary Contact: Mr. Kent Hayward

  • BSMART Development Foundation

    One of the major programs that we support is called S.M.A.R.T. (Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Readiness Training). This program is the first comprehensive program of this kind in Bermuda and is run through BSMART Development Center Ltd. S.M.A.R.T. programs promote the maximum...

    Tel: (441) 295-6909

    Primary Contact: Allison Figureido

  • CKC Cares Charity

    CKC Cares Charity has been committed to the community through events that celebrate local tradition, educate the masses on healing methods through various art forms and support the positive talents of at-risk populations, through poetry, short story and visual art publications, talent showcases,...

    Primary Contact: Cha'Von K.Clarke
    Rozetta Agustus

  • Clara Mohammed School PTSA

    Tel: (441) 292-5986

    Primary Contact: Zakiyyah Shakir

  • Coalition for the Protection of Children

    The Coalition for the Protection of Children is a charitable foundation which was established in 1992 to address the need for a non-governmental organization to advocate on behalf of children and their families. The Coalition was instrumental in developing the New Protection of Children...

    Tel: (441) 295-1150

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Kelly Hunt

  • Continental Society of Bermuda

    The Bermuda Chapter was formed in 1962. An autonomous affiliate of Continental Societies Inc. USA. Dynamic leadership and membership have enabled Continentals to gain national/international recognition as leaders in improving quality of life for children and youth in their communities. Monthly...

    Tel: (441) 299 6478

    Primary Contact: Nekisha Tyrrell

  • Francis Patton School PTA

    Tel: 441-293-1840

    Primary Contact: Shavonna Simpson

  • Gina Spence Productions

    About Us Gina Spence Productions is a faith-based, non-profit registered charitable organization committed to providing performing arts opportunities that sends positive messages to the community in which we serve. Gina Spence Productions embodies three primary programs that all have a...

    Tel: 504-0224

    Primary Contact: Gina V. Spence

  • Greenrock

    Greenrock initially formed in 2003 to raise environmental awareness through education and entertainment. Its first step was to improve the island’s recycling program. Greenrock’s efforts initiated a ‘ripple effect’ and encouraged Works and Engineering to realize the importance of providing...

    Tel: 441 747-7625

    Primary Contact: Jonathan Starling

  • Humpback Whale Research Foundation

    We began our research and education on the humpback whales in 2007-2010 when we produced the award-winning one-hour documentary, "Where the Whales Sing". This work was coninuted with the publication in the UK and USA of a large-format illustrated book, "Whale Song: Journeys into the Secret Lives...

    Primary Contact: Mr. Andre Stevenson

  • Inspire Children's Foundation

    Founded in 2010, by Bermudian educators, Dr. Lou Matthews and Garita Coddington, the Inspire Children's Foundation facilitates various programs which engage local Bermudian children in challenging experiences in math and science.

    Primary Contact: Ms. Garita Coddington

  • It Takes A Village Support Group

    Tel: 236-3908

    Primary Contact: Ms. Juanita Jones

  • Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation

    The History In 2006 Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts formally started the charity called “Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation” (KAF), and this coupled with the opportunity to rent the old Elliot School in Devonshire, began the realisation of creating a community arts centre. KAF opened its first classroom in...

    Tel: 441-542-9000

    Primary Contact: Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts

  • Lupus Association of Bermuda

    On July 20, 1990, The Lupus Association of Bermuda became a certified member of the Lupus Foundation of America. In September 1990, it became a charity.

    Primary Contact: Ronisa deFontes

  • Multi Entertainment Organization

    MULTI Entertainment was created in 2002 by individuals who felt it imparitive that local entertainment be recognized and improved. As we struggle to find an identity and compete in a fast growing technical, media, and entertainment word, Multi Enterttainment believes that improvements in this...

    Primary Contact: Jah Simmons