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  • 101

    Bermuda Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

    Tel: (441) 293-0605

    Primary Contact: Rev. Betty Furbert-Woolridge

  • 102

    Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Task Force (BEST)

    BEST's Vision is for a sustainable Bermuda for future generations. We envision a Bermuda where the health of our environment is considered as paramount for the preservation of our quality of life. • We envision a Bermuda where our economy, our social progress and our structural development...

    Tel: 441-292-3782

    Primary Contact: Mr. Stuart Hayward

  • 103

    National Museum of Bermuda (formerly Bermuda Maritime Museum Association)

    In 1975, a small group of Bermuda residents formed the BMM Association. First exhibition was opened February 1975 by HRH Queen Elizabeth II; Museum was officially opened by Earl Mountbatten in 1975. The BMM is an associate member of the Council of American Maritime Museums, and abides by its...

    Tel: (441) 234-1333

    Primary Contact: Dr. Edward Harris

  • 104

    Bermuda National Athletics Association

    In April 1974 the Association affiliated with the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF), which is the world governing body for athletics, thus becoming the National Governing Body of Track and Field Athletics, Road Running, Cross Country and Walking in Bermuda.

    Tel: (441) 296-0951

    Primary Contact: Donna Watson
    Ms. Sabrina DeSilva

  • 105

    National Dance Foundation of Bermuda

    By partnering with internationally recognized dance organizations, the National Dance Foundation provides world-class training opportunities to the island's dancers, teachers and choreographers through subsidised and complimentary programs and scholarships. National Dance Foundation is a...

    Tel: (441) 236-3319

    Primary Contact: Shari-Lynn Pringle

  • 106

    Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS)

    A not-for-profit research and education institute, established in 1903 by scientists from Harvard University, New York University and Bermuda Natural History Society.

    Tel: 441-297-1880

    Primary Contact: Pamela Amaral

  • 107

    Lupus Association of Bermuda

    On July 20, 1990, The Lupus Association of Bermuda became a certified member of the Lupus Foundation of America. In September 1990, it became a charity.

    Primary Contact: Ronisa deFontes

  • 108

    Pembroke Hamilton Club Foundation (PHC Foundation)

    Tel: (441) 278-7895

    Primary Contact: O'Shandah Ming

  • 109

    Bermuda Sailors Home

    Founded in 1927 in the Old Towne of St. George. The club was moved to Hamilton in 1930. It was incorporated by the Private Act in 1946. The club was located at its present building, popularly know as the "Mariners Club," since 1963. Affiliated with the British Sailors' Society for many years and...

    Tel: (441) 295-5598

    Primary Contact: Carson Bean

  • 110

    Bermuda Environmental Alliance (BEA)

    Founders Phil Butterfield � Advisory Council Chair Ralph Richardson � Advisory Council David Ezekiel � Chairman Michael Brennan � Director Gino Smith - Director Additional Board and Advisory Council Members � being identified The BEA was incorporated by a group of concerned Business Executives...

    Tel: 441-536-5966

    Primary Contact: Ms. Sangita Iyer

  • 111

    The Bermuda Physiotherapy Association

    Tel: 441 504-1890

    Primary Contact: Tanaeya Burch
    Andrea Cann

  • 112

    Bermuda Island Games Association

    Bringing the Island Together - through Sport The Bermuda Island Games Association is responsible for affording Bermuda’s athletes the opportunity to represent Bermuda in the highly competitive International Natwest Island Games held every two years in different islands around the world....

    Tel: 441-504-9901

    Primary Contact: Jon Beard

  • 113

    The Reading Clinic

    The Reading Clinic was founded by Mrs. Elizabeth Kitson in 1968 in response to the needs of children with a specific reading disability (dyslexia). Since that time it has grown from providing specialized tutoring based in the founder’s home to an array of services designed to meet the needs of...

    Tel: 292-3938

    Primary Contact: Dr. S. Glenn Faries

  • 114

    Bermuda High School for Girls PTA

    Formed in 1984. The BHS PTA is an unincorporated association governed by a written constitution. The association arose from the recognition of the need to ensure that there are opportunities for parents, teachers and administrators to communicate on a regular basis. The Headmistress, Primary and...

    Tel: (441) 295-6153

    Primary Contact: Mary Lee Russo

  • 115

    Keep Bermuda Beautiful

    Keep Bermuda Beautiful began as an offshoot of The Garden Club of Bermuda in the mid 1960s. The founder, Phyllis West-Harron, fought successfully to keep fast-food franchises out of Bermuda because of the increased litter they would create. Keep Bermuda Beautiful (KBB) currently runs a...

    Tel: (441) 295-5142

    Primary Contact: Anne Hyde

  • 116

    Habitat for Humanity Bermuda

    Habitat Bermuda operation is composed of eight committees with specific roles: Executive Committee;Development Committee;Building & Sites Committee;Family Selection & Support Committee; Church Relations Committee; Volunteer Coordination; and Finance & Budget Committee Habitat Bermuda is an...

    Tel: 441-296-0256

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Sheelagh Cooper

  • 117

    Bermuda Philharmonic Society

    Tel: 704-0051

    Primary Contact: Mr. Kent D. Hayward

  • 118

    Bermuda Society of Arts (BSOA)

    The Society of Artists was founded in 1952 out of genuine regard for art and culture as well as the need to nurture the arts in Bermuda. It amalgamated with the Art Association in 1956 to form the present organization. First President was Mr. Antoine Verpilleaux. The gallery took residence at...

    Tel: (441) 292-3824

    Primary Contact: Lesley Rego

  • 119


    Greenrock initially formed in 2003 to raise environmental awareness through education and entertainment. Its first step was to improve the island’s recycling program. Greenrock’s efforts initiated a ‘ripple effect’ and encouraged Works and Engineering to realize the importance of providing...

    Tel: 441 747-7625

    Primary Contact: Jonathan Starling

  • 120


    YouthNet was founded in 1996 by Cornell Fubler, a young accountant at Ernst & Young. Cornell wanted to find a way to give back to young peoople in school. Since its inception, YouthNet has grown from 25 mentoring relationships to 1000 in 2010. The organization offers several types of mentoring:...

    Tel: (441) 297-5400

    Primary Contact: Shana Bean

  • 121

    Bermuda National Trust

    Incorporated in 1969 by Act of Parliament, the Trust started operation in April 1970 inheriting the properties and artifacts owned by the former Bermuda Historical Monuments Trust. Policy decisions are made by Council based on recommendations of committees. Council comprises: 5 appointees of...

    Tel: (441) 236-6483

    Primary Contact: Kelly Way

  • 122

    Altrusa International Inc. of Bermuda

    The Altrusa Club of Bermuda was founded on January 3, 1948 with 15 of Bermuda's leading business and professional women as its members. The club reached charter strength and was granted its chapter from Altrusa International on February 9, 1951. The Bermuda club is a member of district one which...

    Tel: 295-3593

    Primary Contact: Mary Faries

  • 123

    Kairos Philanthropy

    Tel: 441-705-4051

    Primary Contact: Ms. Auralee Cassidy

  • 124

    Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda

    The Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative of Bermuda is a dynamic not-for-profit organization established in 2002 to bring best-practice enterprise education and youth development programs to Bermuda. Since our inception, YEI’s core program, BizCamp has directly served over 860 youth. Indirectly YEI...

    Tel: 441 799-9677

    Primary Contact: Mr. Joe Mahoney

  • 125

    WindReach Bermuda Trust - Erica Fulton

    Founded by Bermudian Alexander J. Mitchell in 1992. The Windreach Recreational Village is based on Windreach Farm, a fully accessible working farm located in Canada, also founded and developed by Mr. Mitchell. The Equestrian Centre at Windreach is operated by Bermuda Riding for the Disabled Ltd....

    Tel: (441) 238-2469

    Primary Contact: Paul Sullivan

  • 126

    Friends of Hope Academy Ltd.

    Tel: 441 292 7978

    Primary Contact: Ifor Hughes

  • 127

    Commission for Unity & Racial Equality (CURE)

    Tel: 296-0613

    Primary Contact: Dr. Sydney Gibbons

  • 128

    Westmeath Residential & Nursing Care Home

    Westmeath Rest Home opened in 1930, having been left in trust by two sisters, Miss Emily Eliza and Miss Ellisif Asaggiz Trimingham. Westmeath welcomes both men and women. Matron and the Trustees meet monthly to make necessary decisions concerning staffing, activities programme, financial matters...

    Tel: (441) 295-2451 (Main line)

    Primary Contact: Heidi Stirling-Aguiar
    Sharon Swan

  • 129

    Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning Foundation

    The Bermuda Centre for Creative Learning Foundation (“BCLF”) is the charitable counterpart to the Bermuda Center for Creative Learning, (“BCCL” or “the school”) founded in 2015. It is registered as a private school by Bermuda Ministry of Education and was created to provide an individualized...

    Primary Contact: Mr Terrence Smart

  • 130

    Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation

    The History In 2006 Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts formally started the charity called “Kaleidoscope Arts Foundation” (KAF), and this coupled with the opportunity to rent the old Elliot School in Devonshire, began the realisation of creating a community arts centre. KAF opened its first classroom in...

    Tel: 441-542-9000

    Primary Contact: Fiona Rodriguez-Roberts

  • 131

    Masterworks Foundation

    The Masterworks Foundation was established in 1987 as a result of a growing interest in the artistic history of Bermuda and the desire to preserve an important part of Bermuda's heritage for its future generations. The increasing awareness of Bermuda as an unrivaled artists' colony acted as a...

    Tel: (441) 299-4000

    Primary Contact: Tom Butterfield
    Krystle Paulino

  • 132

    Multiple Sclerosis Society of Bermuda

    The Multiple Sclerosis Society was founded in 1990 and subsequently became a registered, non-profit charity (#336) in Bermuda. We meet at 6:30pm, the 1st Monday of every month at Christ Church Hall on Middle Road in Warwick Parish

    Tel: 293-0772

    Primary Contact: Carolyn Armstrong

  • 133

    Bermuda End to End

    Bermuda's premier pledge raising event will celebrate its 20th year in operation in 2007. Begun in 1987 as a walking challenge between three friends, Paul Rowlerson, Jon Borrill, and Clive Cotton, today the Bermuda End to End's choice of activities includes cycling, swimming, kayaking, rowing,...

    Tel: 441-292-6992 or 292-9741(Starla Williams)

    Primary Contact: Anne Mello

  • 134

    ABC Football School

    Tel: 441 295.6198

    Primary Contact: Andrew Bascome

  • 135

    Bermuda Association for the Education Of Young Children

    BAEYC, an affiliate of NAEYC, U.S.A., was organised in February 1984 . Membership is open to all who are interested in the well-being of young children.

    Tel: (441) 295-4712

    Primary Contact: Rosemarie Crichlow

  • 136

    Bermuda Gymnastics Association

    The Bermuda Gymnastics Association is for boys and girls from the age of 18 months upwards. Over 600 children are currently involved in our Association, but we are a small group of people who run the programme, so any help is appreciated.

    Tel: 441-295-0589

    Primary Contact: Adriana Ford

  • 137

    Bermuda Asthma & Allergy Support Group

    Tel: (441) 292-4695

    Primary Contact: Jenefer Brimmer

  • 138

    Bermuda Organ Donor Association

    Promotion of this service was started in 1996 but the Charity received status in 2004.

    Tel: 239-1282

  • 139

    Makeda Trust

    The Makeda Trust was formed in 2005 as one part of a three pronged initiative to address students being failed by the school system and at the same time allowing opportunity for a rebirth of the entertainment industry in Bermuda. Johann Pestalozzi has been often quoted “If you want to change the...

    Tel: 441 234-9333

    Primary Contact: Shawn Murphy

  • 140

    AHEAD Bermuda

    AHEAD, Inc., continues to make dramatic and palpable differences in the lives of millions of people across the African diapsora and the world communities. With our dedicated staff in Tanzania and the Gambia and committed and enthusiastic volunteers from around the world, AHEAD marches into our...

    Primary Contact: Mr. Eddie Dyer

  • 141

    Bermuda Festival of The Performing Arts

    Declaration of trust made August 16, 1996.

    Tel: (441) 295-1291

    Primary Contact: Christine Barnes

  • 142

    Haiti Village Health

    Haiti Village Health (HVH) was founded by Canadian Emergency Physician, Dr. Tiffany Keenan in conjunction with a group of dedicated medical professionals who share a love for Haiti and a belief that access to health care and medicine is a basic human right. Dr. Keenan has worked in Canada,...

    Primary Contact: Dr. Tiffany Keenan

  • 143

    Kiwanis Club of Hamilton Bermuda

    At the Beginning Kiwanis Club of Hamilton was an all male Club in line with Kiwanis International. It was led by Professional business men . After a decision taken by Kiwanis International, women were included in 1988.

    Tel: (441) 293-4581

    Primary Contact: Leleath Bailey

  • 144

    Sail Training Association of Bermuda

    The Association was formed following the success of Tall Ships 2000 which saw over 150 young Bermudians from all walks of life benefit from joining foreign based Tall Ships to sail sectors of that events' races. We aim to fund future ventures to benefit young Bermudians and broaden their...

    Tel: (441) 296-2238

    Primary Contact: John Wadson
    Craig Nikolai

  • 145

    Bermuda Audubon Society

    A membership governed, registered charity established in 1954, incorporated in 1960 with power to acquire and hold land in trust for conservation purposes. Patterned after the National Audubon Society of North America.

    Tel: 238-8628

    Primary Contact: Karen Border

  • 146

    Construction Association of Bermuda Scholarship Fund

    The CAOB, a non-profit association, was formed in 1968 to fairly represent members and promote concerns of the construction industry among member, government and otehr sectors of teh economy. Scholarships have been awarded for many years, but in 2007 the Association applied for, and was granted...

    Tel: 441-292-0633

    Primary Contact: Theresa Ince

  • 147

    Radnor Road Christian Fellowship

    Tel: 441-293-4041

    Primary Contact: Neville Smith
    Sheryl Gene Swan

  • 148

    Mount St. Agnes Foundation

    The Mount Saint Agnes Foundation (the foundation) was settled on December 9, 1982 and was established to support the general purposes of Mount Saint Agnes Academy (MSA), inclusive of scholarships, bursaries, educational awards, tuition assistance, and teacher development. The Foundation became a...

    Tel: (441) 292-4134

    Primary Contact: Gloria Araujo

  • 149

    Paget Lions Club of Bermuda

    Tel: (441) 236-6607

    Primary Contact: Dave Cardell

  • 150

    Bermuda Counsellors Association

    The BCA began in May 1995 as a result of a call to concerned counsellors throughout Bermuda to come together as one voice. Since that time the BCA has grown into an organisation which continually advocates for the counselling profession and for the delivery of a high standard of counselling...

    Tel: (441) 291-5582

    Primary Contact: Cindy Smith

  • 151

    The Menuhin Foundation

    Established in 1976 to bring music and the art of playing string instruments to the community. We are particularly proud of our Schools Programme in which our teachers provide free group tuition to the Government primary, middle and Private schools teaching violin, viola and cello.

    Tel: (441) 238-7945

    Primary Contact: Terri Allison

  • 153

    Bermuda Physically Handicapped Association

    Founded in 1970, by Margaret Carter, Willard Fox, Edna Hunt, Dory Simmons, Phyllis Raynor, Doris Faries and Mildrette Hill. The Association is dedicated solely to the needs of physically handicapped adults, over the age of 16.

    Tel: (441) 293-8148

    Primary Contact: Willard Fox

  • 154

    St. John Ambulance Brigade

    Operates as local autonomous Branch of the Order of Chivalry now regulated by Royal Charter. The Hospital in Jerusalem was founded in the 7th century. The order was founded in the 12th century and was reactivated in Britain in the early 19th century. St. John Ambulance, with its present aims,...

    Tel: (441) 236-7831

    Primary Contact: Dena Richards

  • 155

    Bermuda Debate Society

    Tel: 441-239-4794

    Primary Contact: Ms. Marisa Sharpe

  • 156

    Friends of the Bermuda National Library

    The Friends of the Bermuda Library was formed 18 years ago. Meetings are held once a month at the Main Library in Hamilton.

    Tel: (441) 236-8042

    Primary Contact: Ardleigh Young
    Susan Jackson

  • 157

    Packwood Home

    We, at Packwood Home are dedicated to providing quality care for seniors in a safe, clean, pleasant environment. That fosters dignity, choice and physical independence. Broadly stated our objectives are: • To provide quality long-term care and accommodation for seniors. • To provide...

    Tel: 441-234-6889

    Primary Contact: Karen Mitchell

  • 159

    The Bermuda High School for Girls Charitable Trust

    The Bermuda High School was established in 1894 as a private school and since then had provided a high standard of education for girls in Bermuda.

    Tel: 278-3004

    Primary Contact: Jennifer Burland Adams

  • 160

    West Indian Association of Bermuda

    The Association is in its 29th year.

    Tel: 238-6381

    Primary Contact: Ann Marie Joseph

  • 161

    Specialized Youth Arts Charity

    Where did we begin? Established in 2001 Bermuda Magic began out of the need to give the Art of Magic a continued presence in our island home of Bermuda. Magic has always been popular in Bermuda but there was no event were all the local magicians could perform on a stage as the featured...

    Tel: (441) 537-1991

    Primary Contact: O'Brian C. Roberts

  • 162

    United World Colleges Bermuda National Committee

    UWC movement was founded with the opening of the first college in 1962. The National Committee was founded in 1975 by then Governor, Sir Edwin Leather. It is an unincorporated association, a branch of the international organization. The National Committee generally meets monthly.

    Tel: (441) 297-9593

    Primary Contact: Sarah D' Alessio
    Kelli Nusum

  • 163

    Prison Fellowship Bermuda

    Tel: 441-295-9462

    Primary Contact: Sheridan Scotton

  • 164

    Kinsfolk Bermuda

    Primary Contact: Miss NItra Tucker

  • 165

    Young Life Campaign in Bermuda

    Founded by Francis Gosling in 1964 and incorporated as a registered charity in 1976 by Private Act. Autonomous body with ties to Young Life international. YL Committee manages and operates organization but is ultimately responsible to the trustees.

    Tel: (441) 292-6365

    Primary Contact: Kevin Mahoney

  • 166

    Menelik Foundation

    The Menelik Foundation was formed in the year 2000 by members of the Ethipian World Federation Inc. Emperor Menelik II Local No. 4 in an effort to develop and provide support for local initiatives that would help to address many of the social ills present in the community at that time. In 2003...

    Primary Contact: Eugene Dean

  • 167

    Multi Entertainment Organization

    MULTI Entertainment was created in 2002 by individuals who felt it imparitive that local entertainment be recognized and improved. As we struggle to find an identity and compete in a fast growing technical, media, and entertainment word, Multi Enterttainment believes that improvements in this...

    Primary Contact: Jah Simmons

  • 168

    Calvary Gospel Chapel

    Tel: 441-234-3250

    Primary Contact: D. Troy Hassell

  • 169

    Bermuda Emergency Medical Technicians Association

    The association is unincorporated and was started in March 1990. It has two sub divisions - Basic Trauma Life Support and First Aid, each with an Assistant Administrator.

    Tel: (441) 238-0971

    Primary Contact: Michael White

  • 170

    Bermuda Diabetes Association

    Tel: 297.8427

    Primary Contact: Ms. Debbie Jones

  • 171

    Bermuda Scout Association

    Tel: 441-295-7122

    Primary Contact: Shinah Simons
    Larry Burchall

  • 172

    Centre for Justice

    Centre for Justice is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-partisan organization whose aim is to promote the rule of law, human rights and civil liberties in accordance with the Bermuda Constitution and the rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international...

    Tel: 441-542-8181

    Primary Contact: Venous Memari

  • 173

    Bermuda Botanical Society

    We run a small cafe and gift shop within the visitor centre at the Botanical Gardens, which generates funds for our projects, and provides visitors with information about the Botanical Gardens.

    Tel: 441 704 9454

    Primary Contact: Lallitah Durgah

  • 174

    Talent Explosion

    TALENT EXPLOSION (TE) is dedicated to encouraging Bermuda's talent showcased via our annual shows. We welcome, encourage and include all genres of music from opera to the old standards on to the new contemporary music; R & B, music theatre, jazz, rap, reggae, hip hop, rock, alternative and...

    Tel: 441 296.1339

    Primary Contact: Marcelle Clamens

  • 175

    Bermuda Karate Organization

    Frederick (Skipper) Ingham obtained the right to represent Bermuda in WAKO in 1988 and personally maintained the affiliation until 1991. Participation in WKO World Championships was added in 1990. WAKO Bermuda was formed and registered provisionally from January 1992 to January 1994. In 1996 the...

    Tel: (441) 292-2157

    Primary Contact: Gladwin Tyrone Phillips

  • 176

    It Takes A Village Support Group

    Tel: 236-3908

    Primary Contact: Ms. Juanita Jones

  • 177

    Waterstart Ltd.

    Waterstart was founded in 2000 by John Paul Skinner, a Bermudian teacher with a desire to motivate and empower teenagers by involving them in aquatic recreation and research of the local environment. His dream of creating a marine educational facility led to the formation of Waterstart, a...

    Tel: (441) 297-1880 ext. 241

    Primary Contact: John Skinner

  • 178

    The Centre Limited

    Work during the last 25 years has been done to understand how, why and when a centre for performing arts for all Bermuda might be developed. Beginning in 2005, a renewed focus using appreciative inquiry was adopted and, early in 2009, cultural mapping, to determine how a performing arts centre...

    Tel: 441.292.4833

    Primary Contact: Alan F. Richardson

  • 179

    Open Door Christian Assembly

    Tel: 441 293.2689

    Primary Contact: Gladwyn Dean Smith

  • 180

    Bermuda Heritage Association

    Tel: (441) 297-4126

    Primary Contact: Joy Wilson-Tucker

  • 181

    Outward Bound Bermuda

    Primary Contact: Anton Gilbert

  • 182

    Bermuda Occupational Therapy Association

    Tel: 441-236-3770 ext 3241

    Primary Contact: Morrisa Rogers

  • 183

    Open Airways

    Open Airways was established as a registered charity in March 1997. Projects eligible for funding are evaluated by the officers on the Executive Committee.

    Tel: (441) 232-0264

    Primary Contact: Mary Ellen Ewles

  • 184

    The Chewstick Foundation

    We change lives by inspiring people to live their dream. Our events create opportunities to bring our divided community together and help heal age-old wounds by allowing people the opportunity to express and understand each other in an environment of peace. We conduct dynamic youth programs at...

    Tel: +(441) 292.2439

    Primary Contact: Deidra-Lee Bean

  • 185

    Friends of Lefroy House Association

    The Association was organized in 1994 and received charity status. The Executive Committee is elected annually and all members are non-paid volunteers.

    Tel: (441) 234-0255

    Primary Contact: Myra Bristol

  • 186

    West Pembroke Pentecostal Assembly

    Tel: (441) 292-4082

    Primary Contact: Beverly Hollis

  • 187

    Inspire Children's Foundation

    Founded in 2010, by Bermudian educators, Dr. Lou Matthews and Garita Coddington, the Inspire Children's Foundation facilitates various programs which engage local Bermudian children in challenging experiences in math and science.

    Primary Contact: Ms. Garita Coddington

  • 189

    Chain Reaction Bermuda

    Chain Reaction- Bermuda or Rachel's Challenge conducted school assemblies in 2003 to over 3000 students who accepted the challenge to start a chain reaction of kindness. To create 'permanency' in our school culture chain reaction Bermuda in 2009 has expanded its program and curriculum to include...

    Tel: 295-9640

    Primary Contact: Mary Samuels

  • 190

    Victor Scott School PTA

    Registered as a Charity April 1974. Governed by its constitution. Managed by the Executive Committee. AGM held June. Executive meetings held first Tuesday in each month school is in session. General meeting held on the second Tuesday of each month school is in session. All funds received are...

    Tel: (441) 292-1787

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Azuhaa Coleman

  • 191

    Cornerstone Foundation

    Cornerstone Foundation is a locally and internationally registered charity. It was registered in May 2006 and is a faith based charity.

    Tel: (441) 296-2598

    Primary Contact: Mary Samuels

  • 192

    Knowledge Quest

    Please see website

    Tel: (441) 236-0303

    Primary Contact: Cynthia Cox

  • 193

    Just Between Us

    Founded in 1991 by Shirley Humphreys in response to the increase in breast cancer cases in Bermuda. Affiliated with the American Cancer Society's Reach to Recovery programme which was introduced to Bermuda in 1997. Referrals from physicians and Oncology Department at KEMH and friends. All...

    Tel: (441) 236-4627

    Primary Contact: Shawnette Outerbridge

  • 194

    Bermuda Squash Racquets Association Junior Programme

    Tel: 441-292-6881

    Primary Contact: Tony Prentice

  • 195

    Willing Workers of Bermuda

    The Willing Workers of Bermuda was formed over 25 years ago by Mr. Kenneth Dunkley and William Lewis and they were soon joined by others like minded individuals who had a passion for helping people in the community, including the incarcerated, so that they could improve their lives.

    Tel: (441) 337-7015

    Primary Contact: Samuel Lynch

  • 196

    Charles Bascome Music Scholarship

    Tel: (441) 234-0453

    Primary Contact: Charles Bascome

  • 197

    Children of Hope (formerly Restorers of Hope)

    Tel: (441) 517-6784

    Primary Contact: Diana Andrew

  • 198

    St. George's Historical Society & Museum

    Incorporated May 13 1922 Act #23.

    Tel: (441) 297-0423

    Primary Contact: Jeannie Olander

  • 199

    Adult Education School

    Tel: 441-292-5809

    Primary Contact: Donna Daniels

  • 200

    Somerset Cricket Club

    Tel: 441 234.0327

    Primary Contact: Mr. Alfred Maybury