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  • 1

    Business and Professional Womens Association of Bda

    BPWA of Bermuda is a non-sectarian, non-partisan association of women formed by Dame Marjorie Bean in 1975. It is an associate member of the international federational federation of business and professional women (IFBPW), which has approximately 250,000 members in over 106 countries. BPWA meets...

    Tel: (441) 234-3029

    Primary Contact: Barbara Lewis-Mills

  • 2

    Meals on Wheels Bermuda

    Founded by Dorothy Evans and Kay Robinson in 1975. Initially meals were bought from the King Edward Memorial Hospital and delivered to 15 recipients. Increased demand resulted in the rental of St. Paul's Christian Education Centre kitchen. In September 1996 we moved into new headquarters with...

    Tel: (441) 236-1815

    Primary Contact: Donna Amaral

  • 3

    The Eliza DoLittle Society

    In 2004 our society became an incorporated limited liability company in order to extend the capability of the Charity to own and administer property. Our inner structure has changed to reflect this event by establishing a Board of Governors, redefining our membership. The continuing street...

    Tel: (441) 333-4483

    Primary Contact: Mrs Jennifer Mahoney

  • 4

    Learning Express Academy PTA

    We are a small alternative school with 50 students between the ages of 7-18 years old. Academically our students cover the entire education spectrum. Our teachers work tirelessly to provide a nuturing learning environment for our students so that thye can develop their potential fully.

    Tel: (441) 293-6910

    Primary Contact: Judith Smith, BA MA

  • 5

    The MIRRORS Program

    Tel: 441-294-9293

    Primary Contact: Kimberly Jackson

  • 6

    The Storehouse Charitable Trust

    The Trust was formed on November 23, 2003 and to date over $1.6M has been distributed to missions and ministries in Bermuda and around the world. There are 3 Trustees who meet regularly to review prosective recipients. Our funding to date has been through personal donations. Going...

    Tel: 441-236-1465

    Primary Contact: Philip Bruce
    Dan Voth

  • 7

    Centre for Talented Youth Bermuda (CTY)

    CTY Bermuda is firmly established as an after-school program offering academic acceleration and enrichment to our students. We take great satisfaction in the fact that many of our students remain with us year after year. We enjoy watching their academic growth with warm pleasure. In addition to...

    Tel: (441) 296-7259

    Primary Contact: Riquette Bonne-Smith

  • 8

    Lady Cubitt Compassionate Association (LCCA)

    Tel: 441-292-1132

    Primary Contact: Veronica Harvey

  • 9

    Teen Services/Teen Haven

    Teen Services was founded in 1967 to address the needs of teenage mothers. The Haven opened in 1976 as a shelter for homeless women. The focus changed to compliment the agency's mandate to address the needs of teens. The YHED - Teen Services is an affiliate of the Caribbean Family Planning...

    Tel: 292-4598

    Primary Contact: Michelle Wade

  • 10

    Willowbank Foundation

    Established in 1962 by a member of local Christian businesses who were interested in extending rest and spiritual renewal to visitors to the Island.

    Tel: (441) 234-1616

    Primary Contact: Terri Allison

  • 11

    Bermuda Stroke & Family Support Association

    Founded July 15, 1992 by Mark Selley and Hilary Soares, both stroke survivors and association's chief organizers. BSFSA is now affiliated with The Courage Stroke Network & The American Heart Association, (AHA). Founded in response to the following statistics: In Bermuda, 1 stroke every week. One...

    Tel: (441) 293-3121

    Primary Contact: Mark Selley

  • 12

    Centre Against Abuse (formerly Physical Abuse Centre)

    Centre Against Abuse became a registered charity June 11, 1979 under the name the Physical Abuse Centre. The services at that time included the first hot line and counseling dedicated specifically to victims of abuse. We opened the first Safe House in October 1979 and still remains the only Safe...

    Tel: 441-292-4366

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Laurie Shiell-Smith

  • 13

    Bermuda Education Network ("BEN")

    BEN is an education foundation whose primary goals are to help support Bermuda's public schools with their school improvement plans and to provide free supplementary learning opportunities for students. We do this through our Organize.Teach.Connect (OTC) management consultancy and school...

    Tel: 441 296-9296

    Primary Contact: Becky Ausenda

  • 14

    Family Centre

    The Family Centre was founded in 1990 by Martha Dismont. A Board of Directors overseas governance and operations. It is also a Limited Liability Not for Profit Company.

    Tel: (441) 232-1116

    Primary Contact: Sarah Dunstan

  • 15

    Bermuda Cancer & Health Centre

    We are one of Bermuda's oldest non-profit Charities #070, and an International Charitable Fund 501c (3) designated organization. The Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre marked its 60th anniversary in 2005. The organization was originally formed in 1945 to assist patients with tuberculosis; today...

    Tel: (441) 236-1001 ext. 1016

    Primary Contact: Deborah Titterton Narraway

  • 16

    Women's Resource Centre

    The Women's Resource Centre (WRC) was founded in 1987 as the Rape Crisis Centre, a crisis intervention service for survivors of sexual assault. Through its 30+ year history the WRC has evolved greatly in its mandate and services to meet the increasing communities need to protect and assist women...

    Tel: (441) 295-3882

    Primary Contact: Elaine Butterfield

  • 17

    Matilda Smith Williams Seniors Residence

    Founded some 35 years ago by Bernice Cann, Ida J. Smith, Helena Williams and Isabel Ratteray. Private organization under the auspices of the Trustees of the Bermuda Conference AME Churches Inc., with assistance from Women\'s Auxiliary. Offered property bequeathed by Matilda Smith Williams....

    Tel: (441) 236-2958

    Primary Contact: Bernice Zaft Gibbons

  • 18

    Gina Spence Productions

    About Us Gina Spence Productions is a faith-based, non-profit registered charitable organization committed to providing performing arts opportunities that sends positive messages to the community in which we serve. Gina Spence Productions embodies three primary programs that all have a...

    Tel: 504-0224

    Primary Contact: Gina V. Spence

  • 19

    Committee of 25

    Founded by Edna Watson and friends in 1952. Incorporated by Private Act 1952. Dedicated to helping mentally and physically handicapped children for whom no adequate provision existed. Past projects: children's convalescent hospital, sheltered work shop, swimming pool for handicapped community....

    Tel: (441) 292-4324

    Primary Contact: Sabrina DeSilva

  • 20

    Bermuda Islands Association of the Deaf

    The Bermuda Islands Association of the Deaf is an advocate for a barrier-free community for all deaf and hard of hearing people. Services provided are consultantions to parents, sign language classes and communication equipment. Current projects are office space and full time interpreters.

    Tel: 441-541-3323

    Primary Contact: Jennifer Fahnbulleh

  • 21

    Bermuda Mental Health Foundation

    * The foundation was founded in 1994 as a non-profit all volunteer private enterprise effort. The Foundation has never had any paid staff and negligible administrative expenses throughout the 16 years of its existence. The foundation has neither sought nor receives funding from the Bermuda...

    Tel: 441-278-7908

    Primary Contact: Jodi D. Lewis

  • 22


    This is the joint body of the clubs on the island. We get together to discuss information received from Lions Club International and to also plan joint events/projects. The three active clubs are Hamilton Lions, Paget Lions and Eastern Lioness Lions Club. We are members of the New York & Bermuda...

    Tel: 236-9438

    Primary Contact: Dessi Waldron
    Stephan Dean

  • 23

    Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute (BUEI)

    Formed in March 1992 by Private Act and over the next 5 years, funds were raised, building and exhibits designed with a grand opening in July 1997. The Director is responsible for the day to day operations and reports to the Board of Trustees. BUEI is funded by earned revenue and donations. For...

    Tel: (441) 292-7219
    (441) 294-0209

    Primary Contact: Ms. Tara E. Curtis
    Ms. Wendy Wilson
    Mrs. Crystal Schultz
    Ms. Maya Richardson
    Ms. Belinda Barbieri
    Mrs. Svetlana Leksina-Soares

  • 24

    Project 100

    Project 100 is a private association. Founded in 1986 by a group of ladies under the leadership of Lady Dunrossil. Lady Langley, wife of the next Governor, assumed the role of honorary president and the tradition continues today. It is governed by its constitution, and executive officers and...

    Tel: (441) 532-1157

    Primary Contact: Kelly Campbell

  • 25

    Bermuda Sloop Foundation

    The Bermuda Sloop Foundation was incorporated as a Bermuda Company Limited by Guarantee in December, 1999. It was registered as a Bermuda Charity in 2000.

    Tel: (441) 737-5667

    Primary Contact: Branwen Smith-King

  • 26

    Ocean Support Foundation

    Tel: 441 707-4998

    Primary Contact: Mr. Alex Chequer

  • 27

    Bermuda Society for the Blind

    Begun in 1954, the Bermuda Society for the Blind (BSFB) was officially established via a private members bill to Parliament, the Bermuda Society for the Blind Act (January 1957) and operated as a social club and sheltered workshop. Recently, the BSFB has focused on developing the infrastructure...

    Tel: (441) 292-3231

    Primary Contact: Dr. Amanda Marshall

  • 28

    The Counseling Center Limited

    The Counseling Center was founded in 2007 by Dr. Ernest and Julie Peets, the early work of The Counseling Center began as an extension of Dr. and Mrs. Peets community work, which had its beginning as marriage and family mentors with HomeBuilders®, a small group study for couples which Dr. and...

    Tel: 441-338-5279

    Primary Contact: Dr. Ernest Peets

  • 29

    Coalition for the Protection of Children

    The Coalition for the Protection of Children is a charitable foundation which was established in 1992 to address the need for a non-governmental organization to advocate on behalf of children and their families. The Coalition was instrumental in developing the New Protection of Children...

    Tel: (441) 295-1150

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Kelly Hunt

  • 30

    Impact Mentoring Academy

    We operate Monday - Friday 8:45am - 3:00pm as a day school. we have a 7-year history of working with school aged males.

    Tel: 441-747-4621

    Primary Contact: Mr. Chris Crumpler

  • 31

    Raleigh International Bermuda

    Raleigh International Bermuda is a youth development organisation (reg charity #710) that is passionate about helping young Bermudians between the ages of 17-25 to realise their full potential and to effectively manage the 'day to day' risks they face - drugs, alcohol, crime, anti-social...

    Tel: (441) 333-5678

    Primary Contact: Tina Nash

  • 32

    C.A.R.E. Learning Centre

    C.A.R.E. was founded in November 1983 by D. Neletha Butterfield as a private Christian School to assist school leavers/students with learning difficulties, gifted students and to train individuals in computer skills.

    Tel: (441) 292-0915

    Primary Contact: Jean Denkins

  • 33

    Adara Development (Bermuda) formerly The ISIS Foundation

    The Adara Group has two quite different parts, but one united purpose – to support people in poverty. The first part is an international development organisation called Adara Development. The second part is two Australia-based corporate advisory businesses, Adara Advisors and Adara...

    Tel: +1 441 472-3270

    Primary Contact: Pamela Barit Nolan

  • 34

    Lorraine Rest Home Amenities Committee

    Tel: 441 236-5152

    Primary Contact: Lauren Grant

  • 35

    Berkeley Education Society

    The Society was founded October 9, 1879, under the chairmanship of Reverend Joseph Henry Thomas, "to raise and invest funds to establish a school or schools for the better education for the people". The Berkeley Institute was thus founded in 1897. It is a coeducational secondary school with...

    Tel: (441) 238-3727

    Primary Contact: Sinclair White

  • 36

    Bermuda National Gallery (Bermuda Fine Art Trust)

    The Bermuda Fine Art Trust was founded by an Act of Parliament in 1982 and Bermuda National Gallery (BNG) opened its doors in City Hall on March 15, 1992. The BNG is certified by the Bermuda National Standards Committee, effective January 1, 2011. The Board hold six meetings each year; the...

    Tel: (441) 295-9428

    Primary Contact: Dawna Ferguson

  • 37

    The Aerie Foundation

    The Aerie Foundation was established in December 2004 (Registered Charity #711) by Apostle Jimmie Denwiddie of New Creation Worship Center (NCWC) in Bermuda. Apostle Denwiddie and Pastor Maybelle Denwiddie had a vision for fostering change in the community and decided to create The Aerie...

    Tel: (441) 296-0995

    Primary Contact: Maybelle Denwiddie

  • 38

    Bermuda Educators Council

    Formed by the Bermuda Educators Act 2002, the principal aims of the Bermuda Educators Council is to encourage and maintain high standards of teaching in Bermuda so as to enhance the quality of learning and to improve the professional conduct of educators in Bermuda. Members of the Council...

    Tel: 441 292-0964

    Primary Contact: Crenstant Williams

  • 39

    CATs Bermuda Limited

    CATs Bermuda Limited is a newly incorporated limited liability company that has been created to carry on the great work of caring for Bermuda’s homeless and free roaming cats originally carried out by the Bermuda Feline Association Bureau, an association formed in 1992 by a group of people...

    Tel: 291-2322

    Primary Contact: Rosalie Powell

  • 40

    Bermuda Heart Foundation

    BHF began with two individuals: Ramona Anderson and Dr. Shane Marshall. Both felt that there was an urgent need for improved cardiac care services in Bermuda and united in their commitment to bring about change. In March 1992 Bermuda Heart Foundation was granted charity status and efforts were...

    Tel: (441) 232-2673

    Primary Contact: Simone J. Barton

  • 41

    WindReach Bermuda

    “Of course we can” has long been a familiar response from the founder of WindReach, Mr. Alexander (Sandy) J. Mitchell, MBE. Sandy was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was very young. As a keen outdoorsman and successful businessman, he has dedicated his life to building an inclusive...

    Tel: (441) 238-2469

    Primary Contact: Chrissie Kempe

  • 42

    Bermuda Rowing Association

    Founded in March 2004, the Bermuda Rowing Association was formed by a group of likeminded rowers wanting to develop rowing programmes predominately for our youth but also for our adults.

    Tel: 533 6767

    Primary Contact: Amanda Sodergren

  • 43

    Feed My Lambs Ministry

    My name is Phillip Rego and I was born in raised in this beautiful island paradise we call Bermuda. Having been born and raised here all my life I was accustomed to having nice things, traveling and turning on my air-conditioner when the weather outside got too hot. But one trip to Haiti...

    Primary Contact: Phillip Rego

  • 44

    Bermuda SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

    The Bermuda Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) was founded in 1921 and is registered as Charity No. 86 under the Bermuda Charities Act 1978. The Society consists of over 1000 Members and is governed by a Committee of Management elected at the Annual General Meeting held in...

    Tel: 441-236-7333

    Primary Contact: Sarah Haycock Tafur

  • 45

    Age Concern (Bermuda)

    Age Concern was founded in 1978

    Tel: 238-7525

    Primary Contact: Dr. Claudette Fleming

  • 46

    Heydon Trust

    The Heydon Trust was created by a Private Act of the Bermuda Legislature in 1964 as a result of the vision of Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Matthews 25 years earlier. The Trust is managed by the Chaplain/Director under the authority of the Trustees.

    Tel: (441) 234-1831

    Primary Contact: Bertram Guishard

  • 47

    Hands of Love Ministry

    A non-profit initiative development its bye-laws. The ministry has been in operation for seven years and registered to 2 years.

    Tel: (441) 333-6789

    Primary Contact: Fern Wade

  • 48

    Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda (BBBS)

    In 1978, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bermuda (BBBS) was founded following the Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring model established in the United States in 1913. The BBBS of Bermuda Committee was designed by members of our community considering the key elements of the BBBS Organization in North...

    Tel: (441) 232-2802

    Primary Contact: Patrina O'Connor-Paynter
    Patrina O'Connor-Paynter

  • 49

    Action on Alzheimer's & Dementia

    Action on Alzheimer's & Dementia (AAD) was set up as Registered Charity in March 2012 by Elizabeth Stewart who was directly affected when her mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2004. Since that time AAD has provided dementia specific education & Training to over 300 care staff...

    Primary Contact: Elizabeth Stewart

  • 50

    Sharks Swim Club of Bermuda

    History The Sharks Swim Club originated from the Sonesta Sharks, which was the Southampton Glebe Primary School Swim Team, coached by Martin Allen. The group trained at Willowbank and Sonesta from 1979 to 1981. Interest in swimming increased due in part to successful inter-school swim meets...

    Tel: 441 238-3413

    Primary Contact: Nicola DeSilva

  • 51

    Bermuda's Brazilian Football School

    Bermuda’s Brazilian Football School (BBFS) is drugs free and independently run training school, which utilizes football sports training to instill personal discipline and a code of conduct within its youth members. The founder in 2008 was Dennis Brown, a famed SCC Trojan’s coach and a former...

    Tel: 441 505 7999

    Primary Contact: Calvin Blankendal

  • 52

    Bermuda Red Cross

    Two world wars prompted formation of the Red Cross to facilitate home nursing. After WW II, blood matching (later Blood Banking) service began. Autonomous and independent from government. All Red Cross Societies are equal and support each other. There is only one Red Cross Society in each...

    Tel: (441) 236-8253

    Primary Contact: Ann Spencer-Arscott, JP

  • 53

    Bermuda International Film Festival (BIFF)

    Trust Deed

    Tel: (441) 293-3456

    Primary Contact: Patrice Horner

  • 54

    Summerhaven Trust

    Incorporated in 1982. Lady Ramsbotham, Margaret Carter and Sir Richard Gorham were significant in creating Summerhaven as no viable alternative residence existed for disabled persons living in the Extended Care Unit, at St. Brendan\'s or with family.

    Tel: (441) 293-2099

    Primary Contact: Katherina Gibbons

  • 55

    Tomorrow's Voices - Bermuda Autism Early Intervention Centre

    Tomorrow's Voices was founded in 2007 by parents and those touched by Autism to provide Applied Behavior Analysis/Verbal Behaviour Therapy and services for persons diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. It was determined that there was a void in providing these necessary services in Bermuda...

    Tel: (441) 297-4342

    Primary Contact: Thea Furbert

  • 56

    Bermuda Youth Counselling Services

    Tel: 296-7548

    Primary Contact: Lauren Trott

  • 57

    Bermuda Hospitals Charitable Trust

    The independent and sole fund raiser for the Bermuda Hospitals Board. In 2003, the Bermuda Hospitals Board came under the charitable trust.

    Tel: (441) 295-2428

  • 58

    Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB)

    Citizens Uprooting Racism in Bermuda (CURB) was initially formed in 1998 following an historic meeting held at the Bermuda College with over 600 people from all walks of life, the organization was resurrected in early 2006 and since then has been very active in the community and gained...

    Tel: 441-542-CURB (2872)

    Primary Contact: Lynne Winfield

  • 59

    Bermuda Senior Islanders' Centre

    The Group Community Centre was setup as drug prevention programme in 1973. It was disbanded and new group of directors formed a traditional community centre without the drug prevention focus. The name was changed in 1981 to the Admiralty House Community Centre. The Centre closed in 2002 and the...

    Tel: (441) 295-9094

    Primary Contact: Fredrick Hassell, MBE

  • 60

    Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Bermuda

    Tel: 441-292-9000

    Primary Contact: Doris DeCosta

  • 61

    Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda

    The Hospitals Auxiliary Board has been volunteering its services since 1953. It is made up of hundreds of dedicated volunteers who contribute more than 40,000 hours of service each year to the hospital and also work in the Auxiliary's three enterprises to raise funds to purchase capital...

    Tel: 441-239-1525

    Primary Contact: Nancy Oughton

  • 62

    Bermuda School of Music

    The Bermuda School of Music has been providing music education to the Island since 1978, commencing with the Dunbarton School of Music and followed by the merger of the Bermuda Academy of Music and the Bermuda Conservatory of Music in 2001. The school’s highly qualified local and international...

    Tel: (441) 296-5100

    Primary Contact: Mr. Kent Hayward

  • 63

    Bermuda Musical & Dramatic Society (BMDS)

    The Society was founded in 1945, by theatre-lovers with no place to go other than the big drawing room at Newstead. The group used to meet thereafter in the homes of its members to read plays, stage rehearsals and hold musical evenings. From early beginnings as a play-reading society the Society...

    Tel: 441-295-5584

    Primary Contact: Jennifer Osmond

  • 64

    Bermuda Nurses Association

    HISTORY The Bermuda Nurses Association (BNA) is the professional association for all categories of nurses. The Association was formed in 1967 through the amalgamation of the Bermuda Graduate Nurses’ Association and the King Edward VII Nurses Association. PHILOSOPHY The BNA believes that all...

    Tel: 441-239-1476

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Beverley Howell

  • 65

    BSMART Development Foundation

    One of the major programs that we support is called S.M.A.R.T. (Stimulating Maturity through Accelerated Readiness Training). This program is the first comprehensive program of this kind in Bermuda and is run through BSMART Development Center Ltd. S.M.A.R.T. programs promote the maximum...

    Tel: (441) 295-6909

    Primary Contact: Allison Figureido

  • 66

    Phenomenal People

    Phenomenal Women Inc. was first established in California in September of 1998 and later trademarked by Tanya Hutchison. It was designed as a way for women to share common goals, dreams, ideas and situations called "life." It is a place where cultural diversity is welcome and celebrated. It is...

    Tel: 734-4034

    Primary Contact: Margaret Rose Giloth

  • 67

    Bermuda Autism Support & Education Society (BASE)

    Founded by a group of parents in 2001 as a follow-on from a small support group. Dedicated to helping promote education and awareness of Autism and thereby assisting individuals in receiving appropriate and timely treatment services.

    Primary Contact: Jenny Purvey

  • 68

    Bermuda Overseas Missions

    Founded in 2003 and registered as a charity in 2007, BOM has now successfully completed 11 trips over 9 years, taking more than 400 people from Bermuda to 10 different countries and helped to construct over 75 houses providing homes for more than 500 people. We build in partnership with Habitat...

    Tel: 295-1078

    Primary Contact: David Thompson

  • 69

    Bermuda Girl Guide Association (Girlguiding Bermuda)

    Girlguiding Bermuda is part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) which has member organizations in 144 countries around the world. It is a Branch of the organisation Girlguiding UK.

    Tel: 441-292-0675

    Primary Contact: Carol Hall

  • 70


    SCARS stands for Saving Children And Revealing Secrets. It is the first organization in Bermuda to specifically address the prevention of child sexual abuse. SCARS was granted it's charitable status by the Registrar General of Bermuda on October 27, 2011 - Registration # 922. Child...

    Tel: 297-2277

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Debi Ray-Rivers

  • 71

    Anglican Church of Bermuda

    Present in Bermuda since soon after settlement. St. Peter's Church is the oldest chuch in constant use in the western hemisphere. The Anglican Church of Bermuda officially formed by the Church of England in Bermuda Act 1975, which gave the Synod full powers to manage its affairs. The Lord Bishop...

    Tel: (441) 292-6987

    Primary Contact: Canon Norman Lynas

  • 72

    The Salvation Army

    Founded 1865, the Salvation Army is a branch of Christian Church. The Salvation Army Bermuda Divisional Headquarters, operates under the administration of its Territorial Headquarters, Toronto, Canada, which supervises SA operations throughout the Island of Bermuda. It operates under its legal...

    Tel: (441) 292-0601

    Primary Contact: Major Sandra Stokes

  • 73

    Bermuda Cricket Board of Control

    The Bermuda Cricket Board was established in 1938 and incorporated in 1995. The BCB has been an Associate Member of the ICC since 1966 and formulates the laws and rules governing cricket in Bermuda with accordance with ICC Guidelines. The BCB is a Bermuda registered charity #350 who is certified...

    Tel: (441) 292-8958

    Primary Contact: Samantha Robinson

  • 74

    PRIDE (Bermuda)

    Constitution, last amended and accepted 2000.

    Tel: 295-9970

    Primary Contact: Truell Landy

  • 75

    The Duke of Edinburgh's Award in Bermuda

    The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (DofE) Bermuda equips young people with opportunities to achieve their greatest potential. Participation improves personal skills, increases physical fitness, engages in community services and promotes individual and collective achievement. DofE...

    Tel: 441.537.4868

    Primary Contact: Traci Burgess

  • 76

    Continental Society of Bermuda

    The Bermuda Chapter was formed in 1962. An autonomous affiliate of Continental Societies Inc. USA. Dynamic leadership and membership have enabled Continentals to gain national/international recognition as leaders in improving quality of life for children and youth in their communities. Monthly...

    Tel: (441) 299 6478

    Primary Contact: Nekisha Tyrrell

  • 77

    The Centre on Philanthropy

    The Centre on Philanthropy was established in 1991 to help meet the need for more effective and efficient voluntary action in Bermuda. The Centre on Philanthropy's primary focus has been to help charities, which in turn help the Bermuda community. The Centre on Philanthropy established a...

    Tel: 441-236-7706

    Primary Contact: Elaine Butterfield

  • 78

    Mirrors Alumni and Friends Association

    Tel: 441-294-9291

    Primary Contact: Mr. Antoine Lightbourne

  • 79

    Bermuda Foundation for Insurance Studies (BFIS)

    Incorporated in July 1996 with funding from insurance companies and individuals, the Board of Trustees is elected at the AGM and comprises representatives from donor companies. There are also Finance, Fundraising, Careers and Scholarships Committees. More detailed information can be found on...

    Tel: (441) 295-1266

    Primary Contact: Catherine Lapsley

  • 80

    Learning Disabilities Association of Bermuda (LDAB)

    Tel: 441-535-1288

    Primary Contact: Cathy Sousa
    Angela Fleming

  • 81

    Friends of Hospice

    Friends of Hospice was established in 1994 as the supporting charity of Agape House which was opened in 1991. Agape House is Bermuda's only inpatient hospice facility for the terminally ill. It is owned and managed by the Bermuda Hospitals Board and falls under their Medical Programme. Friends...

    Tel: (441) 232-0859

    Primary Contact: Cathy Belvedere

  • 82

    Orchid Charity Club

    Formed October 3, 1949. Started by Mrs. Ivy Ming Swan as a ladies group concerned with raising funds for the elderly. Its interests grew with the needs of the community to help those less fortunate.

    Tel: (441) 292-4847

    Primary Contact: Janet Maynard
    Constance Richardson

  • 83

    Somersfield Academy - Montessori Education Trust

    In 1990, a handful of parents established the Montessori Education Trust and opened the doors of Tivoli in Warwick, home to the first Montessori school in Bermuda for children from 3 to 12 years old. Ten years later, having outgrown Tivoli, Somersfield moved to the current campus on the site of...

    Tel: (441) 236-9797

    Primary Contact: Mrs. Rio Morton

  • 84

    Bermuda Housing Trust

    Tel: 441-292-1322

    Primary Contact: Mr. John Barritt

  • 85


    PALS (formerly Patients Assistance League and Service) was founded in 1980 to provide service to allow cancer patients to remain in their homes rather than being hospitalised. There is no charge for the services of PALS nurses, nor for the use of medical equipment and medical supplies. These...

    Tel: (441) 236-7257

    Primary Contact: Colleen English DeGrilla

  • 86

    North Village Community Club

    The North Village Community Club has been in existence since 1957, the brainchild of Mr. James Flood, a concerned businessman who saw the potential of a group of young men with a common interest – football. Football was one of the few activities that channeled the energies of young people away...

    Primary Contact: Shervin Dill

  • 87


    Founded in 1974 by members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Modeled after the national Council on Alcoholism in the USA and instrumental in creating what is now the Montrose Substance Abuse Centre. The Council helped to bring Dr. David Archibald to Bermuda in 1984 for the Royal Commission on the Use and...

    Tel: (441) 295-5982

    Primary Contact: Anthony Santucci

  • 88

    Pathways Bermuda

    Tel: 441-236-0823

    Primary Contact: Gita Blakeney-Saltus

  • 89

    Bermuda Zoological Society

    BZS is an incorporated association, chartered in 1978. established by BAMZ staff and community members, it supports government owned/operated BAMZ. Bermuda Government provides continuous support of the physical plant and operational needs, while the BZS enhances and support of the physical plant...

    Tel: (441) 293-2727

    Primary Contact: Lynda Johnson

  • 90

    Cap-A-Laige Trust

    Trust established on 4 February, 2005

    Tel: (441) 236-7071

    Primary Contact: David Lang

  • 91

    Dalton E. Tucker Primary PTA (formerly Southampton Glebe School PTA)

    Constitution governs membership structure and governing body.

    Tel: (441) 234-0713

    Primary Contact: Gladstone Thompson

  • 92

    New Beginnings Education Trust

    How would you describe Bermuda’s young people today? The New Beginnings Education Trust sees them as the possibility they are. Bermuda’s young people are STRONG. They are intelligent, passionate and dedicated. They have dreams and goals and want safety and security, just like most members of...

    Tel: 441-299-0205

    Primary Contact: Kerry A. Judd

  • 93

    Bermuda National Association of Social Workers

    BNASW is an organization whose purpose is to create and uphold the social work professional standards and ethics for people working in the field of social work. BNASW is committed to working towards enhancing the work conditions of social workers in Bermuda, to improve awareness of the...

    Tel: 441-291-4955 (voice mail)

    Primary Contact: Sharon Lacey

  • 94

    Bermuda Football Association

    Incorporated as a Charitable Association on June 8, 1970. Organized football dates back to 1929. Operates under the rules of the game of football as laid down by the Federation International de Football (FIFA), but also abides by the Constitution, Standing Orders and Bye-laws incorporated by the...

    Tel: (441) 295-2199

    Primary Contact: David Sabir

  • 95

    Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Bermuda

    The Brotherhood/Sisterhood

    Tel: 441-533-4578
    441-533-4577 (Jose)

    Primary Contact: William (Bill) Trott Jr.
    Blake Tanner

  • 96

    Amnesty International Bermuda

    AI Bermuda began as a group of individuals in 1983 and in 1989 was granted Section Status by Amnesty International. It is independent of government or religious affiliation. It works with the Human Rights Commission on an occasional basis. All funds are raised locally. AI Bermuda operates under...

    Primary Contact: Suzanne Wilson

  • 97

    Soccer & Friends Ltd.

    Soccer and Friends ltd was started one year ago by Mr. Walter Pascoe and Mr. Gerald Pascoe. After being very concerned about the rise of teen violence they thought it was time to try and do their part to get involved and try to enact change.Mr. Eugene Pascoe had run a successful foundation in...

    Tel: 441 297 4822

    Primary Contact: Gerald Pascoe

  • 98

    Fair Havens Christian Care Association

    Tel: 441-236-0823

    Primary Contact: Theresa Hall

  • 99

    The Bermuda Reading Association

    Brief History of the Bermuda Reading Association: The first discussion of setting up a reading association was held initially in the 1970’s. A formal meeting was occurred in 1977, setting up an executive board. This executive board consisted of a president, vice–president, secretary and...

    Tel: (441) 535-4660

    Primary Contact: Ms. Nancy Andrews

  • 100

    Bermuda Annual Conference of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

    Tel: (441) 293-0605

    Primary Contact: Rev. Betty Furbert-Woolridge